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Vasa (ship) - WikipediaThe sides of the beakhead (the protruding structure below the bowsprit), the bulwarks (the protective railing around the weather deck), the roofs of the quarter galleries, and the background of the transom (the flat surface at the stern of the ship) were all painted red, while the sculptures were decorated in bright colors, and the dazzling effect of these was in some places emphasised with gold leaf. Previously, it was believed that the background color had been blue and that all sculptures ...【Get Price】

Accoya Wood | High performance, long life modified timberIt is modified timber in which a process called acetylation, a cutting-edge patented technology, enables it to resist rot, defy the elements and stay strong for decades. Guaranteed for 50 years above ground and 25 years in ground or freshwater, its performance and properties are remarkable. From joinery for the home to bridges submerged in water, Accoya long life wood is a leading material that stands up to every application challenge decking, wood cladding and more. Where to ...【Get Price】

decking - aim british building supplies & diy centre, spainAIM British Building Supplies & DIY Centre has the largest stock of HIGH QUALITY BRANDED decking on the coast. We will work with you to ensure that the.【Get Price】

Galleon - WikipediaThey were used in both military and trade applications, most famously in the Spanish treasure fleet, and the Manila Galleons. While carracks played the leading role in early global explorations, galleons also played a part in the 16th and 17th centuries. In fact, galleons were so versatile that a single vessel may have been refitted for wartime and peacetime roles several times during its lifespan. The galleon was the prototype of all square-rigged ships with three or more masts for over ...【Get Price】

Preservation Brief 29: The Repair, Replacement and Maintenance of ...Preservation Briefs provide guidance on preserving, rehabilitating, and restoring historic buildings. ... Local histories, building records, old receipts and ledgers, historic photographs, sketches, and paintings, shadow lines and nail hole patterns on the roof deck, and bits of historic material left over from previous interventions (often found in eave cavities) are all useful .... The most common are grey, blue-grey, black, various shades of green, deep purple, brick red, and mottled varieties.【Get Price】

Exterior - CabotsCabot's decking Applicator. Cabot's Deck Hand. Clean Up. Water for clean up of water based products. Mineral Turpentine for clean up of oil based products. Rags for clean up. Equipment needed for your Exterior Project. 3. TYPE OF .... Spanish Cedar O. New Jarrah . redwood B. Silver Mist B. Hunter Grey B. Blackburn B. Australian red Cedar J. River red Gum J. Classic Walnut J. Lutz River B. Lake Oberon B. Swampy Gum B. Ironwood M. Rustic Chestnut M. Merbau .【Get Price】

Ideas for Decking | can drape it in a large-leaved vine to replicate a shady Spanish style courtyard or grow vibrant, fragrant flowers to hang through the rafters for an outstanding floral display. A pergola can also provide shelter ... Used on dry timber, it's excellent at both preserving new decking and rejuvenating tired wood. decking stains add colour ... If you're going for summer colour, be bold with pots in one colour such as red geraniums, orange begonias or blue verbena. You could also coordinate ...【Get Price】

El Galeón Tall Ships PortlandThe feeling of danger was very present and death lurked everywhere; it was only the skills of officers and seamen what preserved them from sinking. But fate would not always smile on them, and many of those men and women who embarked in search of new opportunities for their lives found an anticipated yet final destination and now rest on the bottom of the sea. That was the highest price that oceans took from Spanish galleons over several centuries. POOP DECK The poop deck ...【Get Price】

Red Cedar Decking For Condo BalconiesTerrace Creationsred Cedar decking For Condo Balconies | Beautiful Balconies & Terraces. ... Ideal for decking because it brings warmth, character with its wonderful knots and structure and is much softer on your feet than the hardwoods. Natural cedar condo decking Rich, natural beauty. Cedar has a richly ... These compounds resist moisture and are toxic to decay-causing fungi and insects and preserve the wood to ensure your deck lasts a long, long, time. Condo Cedar Balcony Sustainable and ...【Get Price】