bulkhead retaining wall footing design

CONCRETE RETAINING WALL and SHORELINE BULKHEADMason County Bldg. 8,. 615 W. Alder Street. Shelton, WA 98584 www.co.mason.wa.us (360) 427-9670 x352 Belfair (360)275-4467 x352 Elma (360)482-5269 x352. CONCRETE retaining wall and SHORELINE bulkhead. Prescriptive design & Installation Standard. 12 min. Grade to top of footing. Slope less than or equal to 1:1. 4 perforated pipe daylighted to an approved location. Upland wall only. Filter fabric. 1 washed rock. footings shall be placed on firm, native soil ...【Get Price】

Inspection of Old Retaining Walls - NYC.gov2014 BUILD SAFE | LIVE SAFE CONFERENCE. Older Building Codes - retaining wall. A wall designed to prevent the lateral displacement of soil or other materials. Too Broad. Basement walls. Tunnel walls. Pools. Inspection of Old retaining walls. 2 ...【Get Price】

Retaining walls - SlideShare12 Jul 2014 ... retaining wallS BY K.P.VINEETH. ... concrete cantilever wall is an example and consists of a reinforced concrete stem and a base footing. These walls are non-proprietary. 12. Cantilever wall; 13. The Cantilever wall is the most common type of retaining structure and is generally economical for ... bulkheads are very similar in design and construction as standard retaining walls. The primary difference in definition between a bulkhead and retaining wall is ...【Get Price】

Worked Example 1 | Design of cantilever pol retaining walls to resist ...Cantilever timber pole walls are probably the most commonly used form of retaining wall for residential purposes. The poles may also be of steel section for more heavily loaded walls. The design of these walls is relatively straight forward but ... wall as a continuous bulkhead. If the poles are spaced apart more than 3 4 diameters (the diameter of the concrete encased pole foundation) then the foundations should be treated as individual laterally loaded piles using an appropriate ...【Get Price】

Do it yourself video -How to build your own retaining wall for your ...10 Feb 2012 ... Build your own retaining wall with the help of the pro's of Chicopee Mason and Landscape Supplies in this How To Series. View this video for step by step instruction on how to build a retaining wall for holding back earth, landscape design and creating new buildable space. More information online at www.cmsblock.com. You can also download discount coupons for materials such as Stonewall Select block and other products at www.cmsblock.com. Chicopee Mason ...【Get Price】

Build a Retaining Wall - Extreme How To2 Jan 2008 ... I love building retaining walls. It's fun to be out in warm weather cutting big timbers and doing a project that sees quick, upward progress. However, the standard stack of horizontal 6-by-6s wasn't a design that worked for me, so when it came time to design a wall for my own yard, I went ... This post-and-plank system is based on the way seawalls (or bulkheads) work. .... Once the concrete in the footing holes has fully cured, strip the bracing and install the last plank.【Get Price】

C = - IN.govEarth-retaining System. design. Memorandum. Revision. Date. Publication. Date*. Sections Affected. 12-08. May 2012 Jan. 2013. 410-5.01, Figures 410-5(0)A, 410-5(0)B. 12-20. Oct. 2012 Jan. 2013. 410-6.04. *Revisions will appear in the next ...... economy compared with a cast-in-place retaining wall. With respect to economy, the factors to be considered are as follows: 1. earthwork situation, cut or fill;. 2. wall area;. 3. average wall height;. 4. foundation conditions;. 5. availability and ...【Get Price】

How to Build a Treated Wood Retaining Wall | Family Handymanwall design and materials. How to Build a Treated-Wood retaining wall ... To handle the transition between tiers, install bulkhead planks (Photo 15) between the upper and lower posts. First you have to make the lower and upper stanchions line up exactly. Use a carpenter's square or a 4-ft. square ... A good-looking retaining wall depends on level footings, and the best way to establish level over long distances is with a builder's level. If you're building a wall with only a couple of 4-ft.【Get Price】

TIED BACK OR RESTRAINED WALL SYSTEMSFlexible steel bulkhead walls became commonplace ... walls for a long time. The example at left shows a sacrete wall structure that employed rebars with face plates to construct a bulkhead wall for a quarry loading structure. The example at right shows rebar ties with channel walers (sometimes .... Titled tied-back cantilever retaining wall being replaced. It is very difficult to design a cantilever wall on a slope because of the paucity of passive reaction area, not to mention slope creep.【Get Price】

retaining walls - City of Escondido2 Mar 2011 ... call for a backfill/drainage inspection. 4. When all work has been completed, call for a final inspection. II. wall HEIGHT. wall height is measured from the top of the footing to the top of the wall. walls not shown in the tables in this guideline must be designed specifically for the existing condition. The walls shown here are designed to retain earth banks from level to a slope of 1 horizontal to 1 vertical (sloping surcharge). No building foundation, retaining wall, driveway,.【Get Price】

Basics of Retaining Wall Design - RetainProContents at a glance: 1. About retaining walls; Terminology. 2. design Procedure Overview. 3. Soil Mechanics Simplified. 4. Building Codes and retaining walls. 5. Forces on retaining walls. 6. Earthquake (Seismic) design. 7. Soil Bearing and Stability. 8. designing the Cantilever wall Stem. 9. footing design. 10. Pier and Pile Foundations. 11. Counterfort retaining walls. 12. Cantilevered Tilt-Up walls. 13. Wood retaining walls. 14. Gravity walls. 15. Gabion walls. 16. Segmental ...【Get Price】

retaining walls with level backfill - County of San DiegoConstruction of retaining walls, except those less than 3 feet in height and not supporting surcharge, requires a permit and is ... companion form PDS #083 provides information on retaining walls with sloping backfill. For site retaining ... No building foundation, driveway, parking or other loading on the upper level is allowed within a distance equal to the height of the wall. walls with such loading must be designed by a California licensed architect, civil or structural engineer. III. BLOCK.【Get Price】

FOUNDATIONS AND RETAINING WALLSFOUNDATIONS AND retaining wallS. SECTION 1801. GENERAL. 1801.1 Scope. Provisions of this chapter shall govern the design, construction, and resistance to water intrusion of foundations for buildings and structures. Exception: Buildings and structures located within the. High Velocity Hurricane Zone shall comply with the pro- visions of Sections 1816 through 1834. SECTION 1802. DEFINITIONS. For definitions, see Chapter 2. SECTION 1803. EXCAVATIONS.【Get Price】

6010 1 cip cantilever retaining wall - Florida Department of ...Bars G1. footing Cover (Typ.) Bars H. Const. Jt. Bars J & K. D. (1'-0" Min.) soil. H e i g h t. Backwall. Slope. See Plans for retaining wall Data. NOTE: of wall. Front Face. Bars F. 4" Min. Backfill. A. A. TYPICAL SECTION. BENDING DIAGRAM. VIEW A-A ... FDOT design STANDARDS. **wall Joint Spacing. 6". Ground Line. See 'Detail A'. 6". 6". 45(Typ.) of wall. Front Face. Vertical Line. H. Stem Offset (in.) = H(Ft.)/16. Stem as constructed. Stem Offset. ( for H < 20 Ft.) Front Face of wall.【Get Price】