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35 Project Ideas to Recycle Tree Stumps for Garden Art and Yard . 1 Landscaping with Stumperies. Landscaping with Stumperies 1. Landscaping with Stumperies: Stumpery artworks are wonderful elements of natural garden design. Intentional arrangement of woody material, like trunks and root wads, create very unique and beautiful garden design and inspires nat (via Lushome)..【Get Price】

Landscaping Ideas to Cover a Tree Stump | Home Guides | SF Gate Plant vines well away from other plants and prune the vines back annually to avoid having your stump cover taking over. . By working with the tree stump and using it as a garden display case, you turn it from an annoying eyesore to a natural attraction. Use a . If your stump isn't hollow, you can still hide it under flowers【Get Price】

8 ideas for gardening around stumps and dead wood | Smart Tips Before resorting to more drastic measures, consider using stumps and dead trees to beautify the landscape. . 8 ideas for gardening around stumps and dead wood. Before resorting to . Drill cavities in the trunk or use existing crevices as planting pockets for honeysuckle, ivy-leaf geranium, rose【Get Price】

Re-purposing a Tree Stump - Under the Solano Sun - ANR Blogs Sep 23, 2013 . I filled the smaller circle with soil and planted the flowers. And since I had another potted flower plant I haven't decided where to plant yet, I plopped it into the center of the second circle for the time being. So in the interim until I get around to having the stump removed, I have an additional planting area for..【Get Price】

Perennials and Other Plants | HowStuffWorks Perennials can help make a planter out of a tree stump. . Avoid dense tree roots by planting a shade garden around the outside of the tree canopy rather than directly underneath. . Make planters out of old tree stumps that are next to your house, in a mixed border, amid a grove of shade trees, or in a woodland edge【Get Price】

Create a Container Garden on a Tree Stump - Lowe's A tree stump provides the perfect pedestal for a container garden. . Fill the perimeter of the basket by compressing the moss in and around the wire frame. . adding plants to tree stump planter. Plant the Basket. Add your choice of plants. Include a tall specimen such as the burgundy New Zealand flax (Phormium tenax) for..【Get Price】

How to Plant Next to a Tree Stump | Home Guides | SF Gate Tree stumps and the root systems attached to them can hinder the growth of new plants. Removing the roots in the soil around the stump promotes the long term health of new plants growing near your old tree. Physically removing the roots of the tree is a relatively quick but labor-intensive process【Get Price】

Pretty way to make use and hide a tree stump. #landscaping #plants Discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and other ideas to try【Get Price】

15 Amazing Tree Stump to Planter Conversions - Garden Lovers Club Take a look at these fifteen examples of tree stumps that have been converted into planters, and find some inspiration to create your own natural planter. . These two stumps are somewhat mashed together, but the lush greenery planted around them and colorful flowers planted inside provide an attractive look【Get Price】

Tree stump - Wikipedia After a tree has been cut and felled, the stump or tree stump is usually a small remaining portion of the trunk with the roots still in the ground. Stumps may show the age-defining rings of a tree. The study of these rings is known as dendrochronology. stump sculpture by German artist Eberhard Bosslet..【Get Price】

How To Make A Tree Stump Planter « Bombay Outdoors How to Make a Tree Stump Planter: Steps - Gardening - Flowers . Earlier this month, our Facebook fan Carol posted her tree stump planter on our Facebook wall. . of gardeners making tree stump planters, and talking to a friend in Connecticut who made a lovely tree stump planter along her sidewalk, planting a Shasta..【Get Price】

How to Make a Tree Stump Planter - New England Today Mar 7, 2017 . The nutrients in a decaying stump will help your plants grow without the use of fertilizer, and the organic vessel will retain water naturally requiring very little care all season long. How to Make a Tree Stump Planter. Flowers and plants can be switched out for the seasons just as you would with a window box【Get Price】

Pretty way to make use and hide a tree stump. #landscaping #plants . With just a few tools, you can transform old logs into gorgeous, natural tree stump planters perfect for flowers, succulents, and more. Find this Pin . With a bit of diligent wood-working, homeowners around the world have turned tree stumps a . If you have tree stumps in your garden, plant some colorful flowers in and around【Get Price】

19 Blazing Tree Stump Planter Ideas that'll Impress You | Balcony . Don't miss these 19 blazing tree stump planter ideas. A rigid, dead tree stump can become one of the assets of your garden, a striking focal point that can impress your guests【Get Price】

20 Amazing Flower Planters and Lawn Ornaments Made Out of Old . Mar 31, 2016 . Here is a tree stump which actually has a barrel planter on top of it with the flowers planted in that. This saves you the trouble of hollowing out the stump and converting it, while maintaining a rustic look. You could even add a few more barrels full of flowers around it. Source: sheilazellerinteriors..【Get Price】

12+ Old Tree Stumps Turned Into Beautiful Flower Planters | Bored . Homeowners and gardeners often spend lots of money removing tree stumps, but there is a better way! With a bit of diligent wood-working, homeowners around the world have turned tree stumps and logs found in their own yards into beautiful tree stump planters full of blooming flowers!Have an old tree stump? Disguise it with this fix! | DIY Home Decor . Living the Craft Life: 10 ways to decorate (hide) a tree stump in your yard. - I want to try the . Homeowners and gardeners often spend lots of money removing tree stumps, but there is a better way! With a bit of diligent ... See More. If you have tree stumps in your garden, plant some colorful flowers in and around. Garden..【Get Price】

Planting bed around your tree might be killing it - Chicago Tribune Beth BottsChicago Tribune. Gardeners may be thinking of adding some color to the garden this spring by building a planter or raised planting bed around a tree. For the tree's sake, don't do it, says Doris Taylor, Plant Clinic manager at The Morton Arboretum in Lisle. The planter will stress the tree, which can lead to disease,..【Get Price】

Removing trees and shrubs : UMN Extension Removing trees and shrubs becomes necessary when the plants are severely injured by storms, when they outgrow their sites or when they become . When stumps are ground out, collect as many of the wood chips as possible for use as mulch around trees and shrubs. . Compost them for future use in garden beds【Get Price】

Covering or hiding old tree stumps - gardening forum . 31 Aug 2013 11:19. We planted a small leaved, variegated ivy over a three foot wide tree stump and it has done a good job of hiding it. Not too vigorous a grower so easy to keep in shape, and it has bluebell and daffodil bulbs under it so the flowers poke through in the spring when it's looking a bit weary【Get Price】

Hardscaping 101: Tree Stumps - Gardenista Sep 29, 2016 . Stumps, especially those of trees removed because of disease, can harbor fungal disease and the like that may harm neighboring trees or plants. Cost. Does the price of . Use an axe, sharp spade, or even loppers to cut through the roots, working your way around the stump. Then loosen the soil and pry..【Get Price】

Idea for plant/flower to plant in tree stump? (Clematis, 2013 . I have a couple tree stumps that id like to turn into a flower/plant container. But not being . But not being very creative or knowledgeable with plants, id like to see if I can get some ideas on what to plant. The stumps . The you can wind the clematis stem around the perimeter and let it cover the whole stump【Get Price】