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Biodegradable Cleaning Products South Africa - EcozymeIf your product does not show the eco Choice Logo how can you be sure it is being manufactured to the highest international standards? Many local companies import material concentrates which carry eco Logos in Europe or the U.S. but then unethically greenwash and dishonestly try to ride on the back of these labels in south africa claiming their products have been locally licensed and certified. Your products should always be ethically registered in their country of productions ...【Get Price】

Buy Organic Homecare Cleaning Online | Faithful to NatureKeep your household clean and green with a range of excellent home care products. Secure online shopping. Free delivery on all orders over R350.【Get Price】

Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning - Green Cleaning products - OrganicLove being green but still want things that come in a bottle? Well, luckily south africa has a few local companies who are as passionate as you about the environment and eco-friendly cleaning products are becoming more readily available. Take a look at Shoporganic Profilers, Better Earth ( Pick and Pay's green range is wonderfully effective and affordable to boot, it is not 100% organic yet but they are working on becoming more environmentally ...【Get Price】

Safe cleaning products | Cape Town Green Mapeco cleaning. Avoid hazardous household products by looking for these words on the container or label: Non-toxic; Non-petroleum based; Free of ammonia, phosphates and dyes; Biodegradable; Ozone-friendly; Reusable and recyclable; Enzyme-active; Organic. Most household ... These great household recipes were developed by Muna Lakhani for Earthlife africa's Toxics Group, as well as the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Waste Management Directorate.【Get Price】

Cleaning Products - Products GreenstuffGreen Worx cleaning Solutions is the most eco certified, bio technology company manufacturing green cleaning products in africa. We have been awarded the Global GreenTag certification on our products GreenTag is recognised in more than 80 countries worldwide. Included in our credentials are ISO14001 eco Certification, SABS 1828 Certification and we are a member of the Green Building Council of south africa, accredited with a Green Star SA Existing Building Performance ...【Get Price】

Eco Smart - environmentally safe cleaning products, safe for your ...1 - Manufacturing of the eco Smart products;. To produce eco & Human Friendly products is a very expensive manufacturing process, as all the superior ingredients used in our formulas are much more expensive than your cheap harsh, toxic ingredients used by many companies today. We therefore had to seriously consider how we could introduce and sell these superior eco & Human Friendly products to the citizens of south africa at affordable prices. 2 - Selling the eco Smart ...【Get Price】

Beyond Green brings 100% eco-friendly cleaning products to AfricaHarnessing the power of nature. Beyond Green cleaning is a south african leader in all-natural, effective bio-remediation cleaning products, licensed to manufacture and distribute world-class bio- cleaning products to countries across Sub-Saharan africa. Using cutting-edge bio-remediation technology, our products revolutionise green cleaning. Powerful organic compounds consisting of enzymes and microbes eat away at oily grime and turn them into water without the use of harmful ...【Get Price】

eco friendly cleaning products Archives - Blendwell Chemicals ...We know that exposure to toxic chemicals can lead to health problems. Unfortunately, some toxic chemicals are found where they're least expected: in common household cleaning products. Ammonia can burn, bleach can irritate the skin, eyes and respiratory tract. Why use this stuff? Though most retailers do offer organic cleaning products, you can take it a [...] Read More. Comments Off on For a Greener Home use your own Home-Made Natural cleaning products.; ...【Get Price】

Nu-Eco, eco friendly household cleanerseco friendly Household cleaners, south africa. Created from 100% Natural and non harmful ingredients. with all-natural cleaning agents and anti-microbial oils.【Get Price】

About - Nu-Eco, eco friendly household cleanersHousehold cleaners, south africa. Fully bio-degradable and harmless to our precious watercourses easily the most harmless household cleaning products available.【Get Price】

SweepSouth - Cleaning ProductsSweepsouth cleaning products are environmentally friendly, proudly south african and all come with a 100% quality guarantee.【Get Price】

Beyond Green | Eco-friendly Cleaning ProductsABOUT BEYOND GREEN. Beyond Green cleaning is a south african leader in all-natural, effective bioremediation cleaning products, licensed to manufacture and distribute world-class bio-cleaning products to countries across Sub-Saharan africa. Become an Authorized Agent ...【Get Price】

Eco D Wash - the Eco Friendly Vehicle SpecialistWelcome to eco D Wash, the Waterless, eco-friendly, Car-Wash Product manufacturer and worldwide distributor. We are the manufacturer and distributor of the amazing eco D Wash waterless, car-cleaning product, which is taking the world by storm! Never before has car-cleaning been faster, more eco-friendly (not a drop of water is required to wash a car!!) and more fun (no water, no mess!!). Our product is used extensively throughout south africa: Nissan Global (Pretoria), Ford ...【Get Price】

Better Earth Cleaning ProductsThere are so many products out there that are made from cheap and harmful chemicals and even though they clean efficiently, they are harsh on the skin and bad for the environment. So much so that it is easy to feel guilty about using them. Better Earth provides cleaning products that are gentle on the environment (and your hands) but also high quality cleaning agents. All of our products are as effective as other cleaning products but provide peace of mind to the eco-conscious user.【Get Price】

Eco Friendly Cleaning Productseco-friendly cleaning products, bio-enzymes, and eco-chemicals in south africa. ecozyme manufactures eco-friendly cleaning chemicals and enzyme products for the major cleaning, chemical, hygiene, distributors and facilities management companies in south africa.【Get Price】

Delphis Eco South Africa - Eco Cleaning Chemicals Online ...... having won numerous awards and accolades for innovation and green initiatives. Our chemicals are designed for both commercial and residential industries. Our entire process from factory to end user contributes to minimising waste, pollution and natural resource depletion, and unlike most cleaning products, we don't use harmful chemicals that are damaging to your health. We believe in making and keeping south africa cleaner and greener. Read More - About Delphis eco ...【Get Price】

Green Cleaning | Blendwell Chemicals | South AfricaIf you're looking for eco-friendly, green cleaning products, Blendwell Chemicals is the place to try. Enviroblend cleaning products have been created by Blendwell Chemicals for the south african cleaning industry.【Get Price】

Green Home | Green Living in South Africa -'s range of green living products is not only good for your environment, but also easy on your wallet. Our range of natural products extends from wooden floor cleaners to fabric softeners, and pet shampoos to air fresheners.'s home products embrace all tenets of the green philosophy: safe for the environment, made from natural or organic material, completely effective and baby, child and pet friendly. If you have any questions about going green or ...【Get Price】

Eco Cleaning Products: Green Home Maintenance - ProbioProbio's eco cleaning products: Drain Clean, Septic Clean and Mould Away are green cleaning products that contain powerful microbes and their metabolites...【Get Price】