build pergola over existing deck post

How to attach a pergola to a deck - QuoraAs for my pergola, I was able to attach specialty post anchors I purchased from Home Depot. They were colour matched close enough to the cedar pergola that erected. I made sure the anchors were placed over the deck's existing supports - either a post or beam located below the deck. When you anchor the posts, take into consideration the strength you'll need to keep the pergola upright and resistant to forces. Winds, snows and ice can ruin a poorly built ...【Get Price】

Can I reasonably build a pergola on top of an 8'x12' deck? - Home ...The railing posts could be adequate, depending on how they tie into the rest of the structure. If not, employ knee braces at every post to resist lateral loads. You are basically building a parachute. All connections must be tied together so that this thing cannot possibly be blown away in a wind storm. Ties must be employed to transfer uplift loads from the roof all the way down into the foundation. If the existing deck connections do not provide this, they must be reinforced.【Get Price】

Building a Roof Over a Deck or Patio - HomeTips17 Aug 2017 ... building on an existing deck. Where local building codes allow this practice, you can bolt a patio overhead's posts directly to existing deck beams, joists, or other heavy structural members. O【Get Price】

15 Free Pergola Plans You Can DIY Today - The Balance9 Nov 2017 ... DIY your own pergola with these free pergola plans that include building instructions, photos, videos, and diagrams to help you succeed. ... After you've looked at these free pergola plans be sure to check out my other free woodworking plans for decks, gazebos, sheds, picnic tables, greenhouses, potting benches, dog houses, porch swings, chicken coops, bookcases, home ... DIY Network has a free pergola plan if you want to build a pergola over an existing deck.【Get Price】

The How To Guide For Mounting Pergolas To Any Surface - ShadeFX26 Jul 2013 ... The ultimate how to guide for properly mounting pergolas to any surface, including decks, paving stones, poured concrete, and more. ... pergola Mounting Helical Piers. Previously, you would dig a hole for each post and pour a concrete footing at the bottom of each hole for each post to 'set' in. Once the concrete had set, you would build the pergola on the posts. ... The only caution is if there is a potential for construction debris like old bricks and wood to be buried.【Get Price】

How to Build a Pergola on a Deck: DIY Modern Pergola Tutorial ...10 Jun 2017 ... Here is a great addition that I built for my deck, a DIY Modern deck pergola. A simple ... Very nice job... for a 9' height structure, how stable are the posts? any wobbling? Say you lean on it... I am thinking doing similar on our existing deck, but instead mounting on top of the deck, I think I am mounting it to the deck frame. ... Many people told me to drill new post holes and pour concrete to support the pergola, but that is not really an option... and then I found your video!.【Get Price】