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Composite Mats | Bridge Mats | Spartan Mat Perhaps the best part of the STRONG MAT is they have a patented solid filled HDPE closed cell foam for the interior of the mat, which means the STRONG MAT . STRUXURE and STRUXURE SR, hdpe composite crane mats have been replacing heavy timber mat and wood crane mats and bridge mats for many years【Get Price】

Chapter 7: Advanced Composite Material composite material. The matrix transfers any applied loads to the fibers, keeps the fibers in their position and chosen orientation, gives the composite environmental ... Solid. Material. Core. Thickness t. Core. Thickness. 3t. Figure 7-16. The use of foaming adhesives. Figure 7-17. Honeycomb sandwich constructio【Get Price】

Buy Mats - Supplier of hardwood, composite, & engineered mats . Largest mat supplier in the world. We sell new & used hardwood mats, composite mats, custom mats, & transition mats & Lay down & pickup services【Get Price】

Composite Mats vs Wood - TuffTrak Composite Mats vs Wood: Why Switching From Wood Could Save You Thousands! Using Plywood as Ground Protection. Plywood is the most popular and cheapest form of wooden ground protection. There are a number of different options for wood mats such as softwood or hardwood, and solid or laminated plywood【Get Price】

Black Rhino Products | Wood Alternatives, Dunnage, Cribbing . Dunnage. Hollow Dunnage · Solid Dunnage · Testimonials. Cribbing. CDDAR · Rhino Cribbing. Recycled Plastic Lumber. Standard Grade · Structural Grade · Super Structural Grade · Marine Timber & Piles · National Stock Numbers. Mats and Pads. Alturnamats · VersaMATS · MAT-PAK · Plastic Timber Mats & Pads【Get Price】

Composite Rig Mats, Crane Mats, Portable Roadways | MegaDeck HD MegaDeck HD composite matting is the strongest, best engineered interlocking panel system on the market today. MegaDeck HD, heavy-duty composite mats are designed specifically for high-traffic work sites, such as power transmission, oil rigs, and construction sites. MegaDeck HD creates a stable platform or portable..【Get Price】

Construction Matting Applications - All About Matting - The Balance Oct 16, 2016 . Construction mats can be customized to meet your needs. Matting can be used at work sites to improve access and prevent damage on a solid working surface. . to another. Matting can be made out of laminated wood,steel, timber, composite, bamboo mats, HDPE and Emtek engineered construction mats【Get Price】

Crane Pads | Crane Mats | Crane Outrigger Pads for Sale | DICA DICA crane and outrigger pads are up to 70% lighter than traditional steel crane mats. . Wood and steel crane mats need replacing every few years. . This engineered composite crane mat construction, manufactured with incredibly strong, stiff and lightweight materials allows FiberMax Crane Pads to provide the same..【Get Price】

Composite Mats - TuffTrak XL | Sterling Crane Mats TuffTrak XL Compression Molded UHMWPE Temporary Road and Work Area Matting. These solid molded UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) mats are chemically inert and extremely useful on eco-sensitive sites. Weight Load to 330,695 lbs. (150,000 kg): Protects ground from heavy equipment,..【Get Price】

Products NorWest Industrial Mats | NorWest Mats Our Solid Douglas Fir mat: Sizes: 5in. x 8ft. x 14ft. or 16ft. with three 10in. fingers and corresponding three 10in. pockets. Composition: Composite of KD or S-Dry Douglas Fir fastened with 6in. steel carriage bolts and self sealing flange nuts. Construction: Top and bottom boards consist of 22 2x8x14 Dry Dimension Douglas..【Get Price】

Crane Matting - Timber Mats, Construction Mats, and Composite . We offer 4' to 40' hardwood crane and excavator mats. Standard sizes or custom options available. Global or overnight shipping!Quality Mat Company: Largest Crane, Oilfield & Custom Mat Producer Quality Mat Co. manufactures premium hardwood crane mats, laminated mats, rig mats and more. 1000's of new and used mats in stock【Get Price】

Interlocking Access Mats | Sterling Crane Mats Access Mats: three alternately applied layers of hardwood lumber compressed together with zinc-coated carriage bolts. Interlocking Access Mats: three interlocking fingers allow mats to lock together - no tools required; Heavy Duty Access Mats: Solid top and bottom surfaces - no gap between hardwood boards; Square..【Get Price】

ahc-tc01: industrial matting - Anthony Hardwood Composites Mats provide a load distribution mechanism that effectively reduces the formation of ruts; thereby minimizing associated negative impacts on the local environment. Currently, the pipeline, energy exploration, utility and the construction industries utilize solid sawn wood and wood panel members, amongst other materials in a..【Get Price】

3 Ply Wood & Steel Framed Mats vs Composite Mats | Newpark . Learn why Newpark Mats' DURA-BASE allows for higher ROI, is more environmentally friendly, and lowers transportation costs vs regular steel framed wood mats. . Wood mats trap solids between boards and cannot be cleaned, causing hazards on roadways. Mats vs wood & steel DURA-BASE mats: 46 mats per load,..【Get Price】

Construction Mats - Axion Structural Innovations STRUXURE Construction Mats are engineered using our patented Recycled Structural Composite (RSC) formula making them extremely strong, durable and impervious to rot, fungus, insects, and moisture. STRUXURE Construction Mats are ideal in wet or harsh-temperature environments and are resistant to abrasion..【Get Price】

Rig mat - Wikipedia Engineered, hollow rig matting systems made up of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). When compared to traditional rig mats, composite mats are lighter in weight yet still can handle heavy loads. Composite matting is generally more expensive upfront, but as they have a much longer lifespan than wooden mats they can be..【Get Price】

CLT Mats | Bridge + Dragline Mats | Composite + Bog Mats CLT mats are layered wood panels made from solid-sawn lumber, with each layer perpendicular to the adjacent layer, making them incredibly durable. Our new & used CLT mats are a convenient, portable choice for your construction projects proven to be as strong as steel or concrete. VIKING OFFERS THE FOLLOWINGDURA-BASE Advanced Composite Mat System | Heavy Duty Mats The DURA-BASE heavy duty composite mat system is the lighter alternative to traditional swamp timber mats and bulky steel framed rig mats. . Are you looking for an alternative to traditional wood mats and steel frame rig mats that are bulky and expensive to transport? . However, any lifting device (crane, bobcat, etc.)..【Get Price】

INNOCHEER 11x14 Picture Frame/Diploma Frame Solid Wood with . Find the biggest selection of Picture Frames from INNOCHEER at the lowest prices【Get Price】

Road Plates & Mats | Road Plates and Temporary Mats for . Nearly every utility or road construction project requires steel plates or mats to temporarily cover the open excavation and allow for vehicle and pedestrian traffic over the excavation. SOE Road Plates. Other times, a timber or composite mat can be used to protect the ground from heavy construction vehicles and crane..【Get Price】

Crane Mats By Buckeye Mats | Buy | Rent| Buy Back Crane mats are also known as hardwood matting, timber mats, barge mats, excavator mats, crane pads and platform mats. . Mixed hardwood, Oak & Douglas Fir . Crane Mats for sale. 8 x 4'x 16' Notched Hardwoods; 8 x 4' x 16' Solid Hardwoods; 8 x 4' x 18' Notched Hardwoods; 8 x 4' x 20' Notched Hardwoods; 12 x..【Get Price】

Laminated, Timber, and Composite Mats | Spartan Mat At Spartan Mat, we construct and carry crane mats for sale or rent, to create a solid, secure, reliable base for supporting cranes and allow easy movement of other . Our hardwood and steel rig mats and our composite mats are built support the largest, heaviest construction equipment at job sites from offshore to tundra【Get Price】