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Floor Model Electric Sauna Heaters Finlandia Sauna Products, Inc . Finlandia Sauna Products, Inc. Finlandia/Harvia Heaters The heart of any Sauna is the Sauna heater, and FINLANDIA and HARVIA heaters are the【Get Price】

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For wood-heated sauna - Harvia Sauna A wood-heated sauna will allow you to enjoy the real, authentic Finnish sauna culture. Harvia combines the pleasant steam of the wood-heated sauna stove to the all-embracing, uncompromising sauna know-how that will make your sauna complete. Harvia offers a full range of products for the wood-heated sauna【Get Price】

Mikka Wood Burning Sauna Heaters - US Pricing - Saunafin Mikka-20. As Mikka 2, but with Fire Brick. Stainless Steel Shields. 18 x 22 x 28h. $830.00. Mikka-60. As Mikka 2, but with Fire Brick. Water Tank on Back Stainless Steel Shields 18 x 32 x 28h. $975.00. Flat Black No Shields Models (Models 1, 3, 10, 30) No Shields adds 12 to standard clearance *. Mikka-1【Get Price】

Main - Harvia Sauna Over 60 years of Harvia sauna bathing. Harvia has developed an extensive range of sauna products for the needs of different bathers. The company founded in 1950 by Tapani Harvia has expanded over the decades from a small artist's forge into world's leading sauna heater manufacturer and a forerunner in the sauna..【Get Price】

Sauna Building Materials - Plastic, Fiberglass, Fabric, Wood To many rural people, the only real sauna is one that uses a wood-burning fire. This is understandable, as fire has been the main heating method for saunas throughout humankind's history. Wood is usually readily available and works wellalthough it does have to be replaced, and if the fire is not maintained constantly it..【Get Price】

Sauna Heater Models - Electric & Wood-Burning Heaters - Almost . Electric and wood-burning sauna heaters from Harvia. Find the perfect size and style of sauna heater for your outdoor or indoor sauna!Sauna Heaters: Electric, Gas, Wood Burning and Infrared Sauna . Sauna Heaters Electric, Gas, Wood Burning and Infrared Sauna Therapy. We offer all sauna heaters for all modern lifestyles【Get Price】