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Why does nobody make new WPC sound boards? | Pinside ForumI have pinsound in my ToM and it's superb - only issue with wpc-95 is that you still need the original sound board for DMD. Does anyone know what chip(s) has the shortage and are there any schematics of the chip? I can get custom chips done - (yes it won't be cheap) but I'm up for it. Cheers, Neil. Correct but the sound side dont need to be working which is what usually has the issues.... still needs to be used for the dmd tho but at least there is another option for the sound... 0. 0. 0.【Get Price】

Funhouse audio board, system 11 vs. WPC A-12738 | Pinside ForumDoes anyone know if I can switch out my Funhouse system 11 audio board (it was one of the initial 200 units), for the main production audio board (wpc AUDIO board A-12738)? I would like to take ... I would like to take advantage of the most updated ROM, but that's only compatible with the U18 sound chip, which in a system 11 board is integrated on the board. 0. 0. 0. #2 4 years ago ... production machine. I don't think you'd have any problems setting something up with someone. 0.【Get Price】

Pinball Rehab - WPC Board Versions19 Mar 2013 ... The purpose of this document is to provide info on all of the wpc board versions manufactured by Williams and used in Bally/Williams games. ... wpc Fliptronics. The flipper control was moved to the CPU and a Fliptronics board was added (see Image 1). wpc DCS. The analog/digital sound board was replaced with a DCS sound board providing much better audio quality. .... The change to the Rev 12 board was made to solve problems created by newer style IC's.【Get Price】

Police Force (Williams) sound problem - YouTube14 Aug 2016 ... No music in Williams Police Force by Williams and now with toc toc toc sound.【Get Price】

Williams WPC - Pinball Supernova7 Oct 2015 ... 3.7.21 Bridge Driver PCB Assembly (A-15946). 3.7.22 Indiana Jones Path of Adventure (POA) Opto board. 3.7.23 Coin Doubler board. 3.8 Flipper Coils. 3.9 Primary Voltage Selection Jumpers at the Transformer. 3.9.1 Early wpc Transformers (9 pin connection). 3.9.2 Later wpc Transformers (12 pin connection). 4 Problems and Solutions. 4.1 Jumpers, RAM and ROM size. 4.2 Country DIP Switch (or jumper) Settings. 4.3 Power-On LEDs and sound Tones (Bongs).【Get Price】

WPC Sound Board problem | Pinside ForumNeed help. I have an issue with my sound board on my MM. The connector to the cabinet speaker (J504) pin #1 and #2 are both showing 14v. I checked another game and they are not anywhere near this. I replaced the diodes right above the connector, but that was... | Forum Topic by Edster.【Get Price】

WPC-era Sound System InformationIn this section we'll look at the different sound systems used in wpc-era games, and the modifications we make to use replacement speakers. ... This sound board was used on games from Funhouse through Twilight Zone (note that some early production Funhouse games used System 11 sound boards). The output connectors (J504 and J505) are wired in parallel, and are not labeled for specific connections; you can interchange the plugs to the two connectors without problems.【Get Price】

Board Rework and Test - Pinball Rehab3 Sep 2013 ... Display problems are typically the result of failing DMD's, bad ribbon cables or connectors, a cable installed one pin off (or reversed) or the high voltage section of the Dot Matrix Controller (called DMC herafter). Once you have confirmed the problem is with the Dot Matrix board (either logic or high voltage) this article will assist you with the troubleshooting process. For informational purposes I ... wpc DCS On your DCS sound board remove C37 and C45. This will help ...【Get Price】

Williams WPC CPU Board Repair - YouTube5 Mar 2013 ... Williams wpc CPU board Repair. ... great video, im have some issues with my Johnny mnemonic and D21 stay on and DMD lights up but thats all. and i just gor it a week ago >< it was playing fine with no issues, but i left it on for a while then playfield, dmd where off but boards led where on. any suggestions?. Read more. Show less ... Indiana Jones (DCS) sound board uses a DSP to play back compressed sampled sound rather than having 【Get Price】

WPC 95 reset issues | Pinside ForumGot a Cactus Canyon that just started having reset issues. If it hasn't been on for a while, it may play for ten or fifteen minutes fine. After that, it starts resetting every minute or two, but soon goes into a multiple reset phase where it can not finish the boot process before it resets again. Eventually it will just sit there and not boot at all. I subbed out the driver board from my Scared Stiff and that did not fix the problem. Unplugged and replugged the transformer plugs with no effect. Jumpered&nbsp;...【Get Price】

PINBALL: Repair Williams, Bally Pinball Games 1990-1999 part threewpc Fliptronics Flipper Optos. If a wpc Fliptronics flipper doesn't work, and it's not a coil, transistor or wiring related problem, you should suspect the flipper opto board. This board has two "U" shaped optos that detects the flipper button. ..... 1 Beep: sound board OK; 2 Beeps: U2 sound ROM failure; 3 Beeps: U3 sound ROM failure; 4 Beeps: U4 sound ROM failure; 5 Beeps: U5 sound ROM failure; 6 Beeps: U6 sound ROM failure; 7 Beeps: U7 sound ROM failure; 8 Beeps: U8 sound&nbsp;...【Get Price】

WPC reset and new WPC Power Fix does not solve | Pinside ForumAny help would be much appreicated, game reset once a few weeks ago on a very warm day so ordered a wpc Power Fix Daughterboard from Pinballlife. ... That daughter board is nice for a quick fix or the occasional low line voltage resets during summer months but the issue needs to be resolved the right way imo. 0. 1. 1. #4 1 year ... I had a Fish Tales sound board shoot out sparks like the 4th of July a few weeks ago, luckily I was standing there staring at it when I fired it up. All from&nbsp;...【Get Price】

WPC-95 AV-board | Pinside ForumThe board it came with doesn't work and the skilled repairman say this is beyond repair. Too much non-professional tinkering ... are obsolete and no longer available. sound tech changed rapidly during this period, so sound chips weren't made in large quantities like other more wikely-used chips were. 0. 0. 0 ... Yea, issues with the wpc-95 A/V boards seem to be popping up a lot lately and there is no real solution if your board can't be repaired. From what I understand, even the parts&nbsp;...【Get Price】

Pinball Rehab - Testing WPC CPU on the BenchThe CPU board has 5 buffer chips: U1, U2, U3, U7 and U12, which can occasionally go bad. Random problems with the sound, video or driver board are all indicative of buffer or ribbon cable problems. Note: The diagnostic game ROM seems to have a lot less I/O activity than a standard game ROM. Therefore when troubleshooting I/O problems it is best to use the latter. In my case I typically use an Addams Family ROM. The following table provides the chip&nbsp;...【Get Price】

HSII Getaway Sound maximum volume issue | Pinside Forum... of research, I purchased a replacement for the x9503, an x9503p: ebay.com link. Now the game is at full volume immediately after power-up (and the volume controls do nothing). Additionally, the speakers now make a soft tic-tic-tic... sound while powering up (about 2-3x per second), which I don't recall hearing before. I see that the removed part is also an x9503p, which I guess means it's been replaced at least once before. The sound board is A-12738-50004 wpc. Potential issues:【Get Price】

Diagnosing DSC Soundboard Interface Error on WPC pinball ...18 Jun 2011 ... Loading... Rating is available when the video has been rented. This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Jun 18, 2011. For those of you who are familiar with the sounds in the diagnostic menu, sound test, and coin up sounds, you will notice that things are pretty screwed up. Re-seating the ribbon cable will usually solve this issue temporarily ;) The CPU also has acid damage on the CPU board which prevents you from starting a game.【Get Price】