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Roof and Plaza Pavers - Hanover Architectural ProductsThe pavers provide durability, protection and performance for the roof system from harsh weather conditions. A textured Tudor finish provides slip resistant properties making Hanover pavers safer than gravel ballast for pedestrians. By elevating the pavers, water is channeled away from the surface. roof pavers allow easy access to the roof and waterproofing system for repairs or standard maintenance procedures. Whether your project is a roof, deck, plaza or terrace, Hanover  ...【Get Price】

Roof Pavers | Roof Deck Pavers - Tile Tech PaversProduct Features. The concept of using concrete pavers as roof ballast, plaza deck and terrace pavers has created new opportunities for otherwise lost space. roofs and decks can now be functional, as well as attractive. Tile Tech pavers provide durability, protection and performance for the roof system from harsh weather conditions while providing drainage and a level walking surface. Tile Tech pavers offers a solution for all roofing & waterproofing needs from standard roof decks ...【Get Price】

Roof Pavers | Rooftop Deck Pavers | Roof Deck | AZEKLearn about AZEK's rooftop deck pavers which provide strength, beauty and versatility, and by combining recycled materials with cutting-edge technology.【Get Price】

Cool-Roof Pavers | Roof Pavers - Tile Tech PaversCool-roof-deck. White-Cool-roof-pavers. White-Cool-roof-pavers. Cool-roof-Pool-deck. Cool-roof-Pool-deck. Cool-roof-Paver. Cool-roof-Paver. Product Features. Most of the roofs in the world including over 90% of the roofs in the United States are dark-colored. To help reduce the heat island affect created by the dark densely place urban roofs which, contributes to global warming, Tile Tech has developed the Cool-roof series roof pavers. Solar reflective Cool-roof pavers ...【Get Price】

IPE Deck Tiles - Tile Tech PaversTile Tech's IPE deck Tiles are designed for constructing raised wood decks over exterior roof decks for both residential and commercial applications.【Get Price】

Lightweight Roof Pavers, Roof Deck Pavers - Stepstone, IncLightweight roof pavers by Stepstone, Inc, a manufacturer of Concrete roof pavers for National Distribution.【Get Price】

Light Weight Concrete Pavers for Roof | Sunny Brook | Paver ...Quality and cost effective light weight concrete architectural pavers for commercial buildings - roofs, rooftops, and roof decks.【Get Price】

ROOF DECKS - Unilock CommercialProducts. A-Z PRODUCTSLARGE FORMAT paversroof deckSArcanaGraniteLavastoneLimestoneLimestone Renaissance GoldPorcelain TileRivenstoneSandstoneSandstone (Special Order)Series Large FormatSkyline 24×24 SlabsSorenoUmbriano Umbriano Large FormatYorkstonePERMEABLE PAVEMENTSLAYING PATTERNS · Home; |; Products; |; roof deckS ...【Get Price】

Pavers for Rooftop Decks | Professional Deck Builder | Finishes and ...17 Jun 2015 ... Composite pavers fit in a freight elevator and are light enough to use on a roof.【Get Price】

Concrete Roof Deck Paver Systems (GB) - AIAThis course will provide an overview of precast concrete roof deck paver systems, including their advantages over alternative roof deck options.【Get Price】

Rooftop Deck | Pavers | Decking | AZEKAZEK decking and pavers are environmentally friendly and easy to install with our patented grid system. See the Paver sizes, colors and accessories that are available.【Get Price】

Roof Pavers | Adjustable Pedestals - Tile Tech PaversConcrete roof pavers. Tile Tech roof pavers offers a solution for all roofing / waterproofing needs from standard roof Ballast and Walkway, to Plazas and Green roofs. Granite-Tech finish gives slip resistant properties and by elevating the pavers, water is channeled away from the surface. Safer than gravel ballast, roof deck pavers make roofs and plazas safe for pedestrians and simplify repairs. roof ballast, functional design, color and durability all come together with Tile Tech roof ...【Get Price】

AGA Roof Deck Pavers - Advanced Green RoofConcrete Mix: Minimum compressive strength: 8,500 pounds per square inch* (psi): (58,605 kpa). Density: 150 pounds per cubic foot. Water absorption rate: < 5%. Sizes: Standard: pavers are nominal 23-1/2 x 23-1/2 and nominal 17-5/8 x 17-5/8 by 2 in thickness. Custom as required. Finishes: AGA Natural Color. Water Absorption: < 5% (five percent). Standard Pedestals: Standard pedestals as required per project specification. AGA roof deck pavers. Cut Sheet&nbsp;...【Get Price】

Architectural Roof Deck - County Materials CorporationRaise the status of your roof or patio area with Skylands Concrete deck pavers. Adjustable pedestals allow for easy installation and can turn pitched roofs into a flat usable surface. Skylands units are lighter than the industry average; the nominal 24 x 24 x 2 slabs are 24lbs/sq. ft. Building own【Get Price】

Deck Pavers | Transform roof space into patio spacedeck paver products can be used to create and enhance useable rooftop space. deck pavers offer finished level walking surfaces for terrace patios or walking paths. Apart from adding usable space on the roof, deck pavers can also be used for creating pathways through vegetated green roofs to regularly accessed rooftop utilities, like HVAC units, and prevent warn areas on the green roof from regular foot traffic. We offer several varieties of weather resistant hardwood deck pavers to&nbsp;...【Get Price】