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Hay Day - How to get EASY Items to Upgrade Silo and Farm ...2 Aug 2013 ... This tutorial will show you how to get easy items such as screws, nails, bolts, duct tape, wooden planks and planks with a few more items on hay day! I hope ...【Get Price】

Screw | Hay Day Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaScrews are supplies used to upgrade the diner, the silo and the tackle box. They are unlocked at...【Get Price】

Hay Day - Wood panel, Plank, Duct Tape, Bolt, Screw & Nail ...30 Oct 2012 ... How to get free duct tape, planks, screws, nails, axes, saws, diamonds, land deeds in hay day - Duration: 5:37. BALISTICxGAMER 473,924 views · 5:37. hayday - How to make lot of money in minutes... - Duration: 2:09. mindblowerdk 1,081,284 views · 2:09 · hay day Farm - Trade Bolt & Tape for planks - Duration: 7:50. Ricky Burnett 420,613 views · 7:50. hay day · How To get A Bonus To Increase Storage · Duct Tape, plank, Bolt, Screw & others - Duration: 8:23.【Get Price】

need more space in silo and barn - Supercell Community Forums13 Jul 2014 ... I tried that but the silo fills up again very quickly I resorted to drastic measures and restarted the game to start a fresh and hay day went the opposite way to the last two times I've started a farm both times at the start I've been given equipment needed to expand barn and silo no problem but this time I only got given a box of pins ! I've been lucky enough to get all the equipment for a increased barn but now on level 10 I'm struggling with silo and need planks of wood and ...【Get Price】

How to get free duct tape, planks, screws, nails, axes, saws ...4 May 2014 ... This will help you level up quick too. Using this strategy you will get all the hard and rare stuff easily and quick, while making a buck or two along the way.【Get Price】

Tips and Tricks for Hay Day! - Without The Sarcasm29 Aug 2014 ... In order to upgrade the hay day Silo to hold more crops, you'll need Nails, Screws, and wood Panels. These can be found in the red Mystery Boxes, they can also be bought from other people's Roadside Markets, sometimes you can get them from the Wheel of Fortune, and you can sometimes get them from harvesting crops. Similarly, in order to upgrade the hay day Barn to hold more goods, you'll need Bolts, planks, and Duct Tape. These can be found in the same ...【Get Price】

Bolt | Hay Day Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikiarecirculation-fandom-title. 'Subnautica' Review: get Crafty, or Sleep With the Fishes. 'Street Fighter Saved My Life' One Man's Journey From Prison to eSport Pro. The 6 Best Fan-Made Ships of this Decade. FPS Doesn't get More Old-School Than 'Dusk'. 'The Last Jedi': Ackbar Deserved A Better Fate ...【Get Price】

Buy Hay Day Items and Supplies - Home | FacebookBuy hay day Items and Supplies. 257 likes. A place where you can purchase hay day Items! We sell: Bolts, planks, Duct Tape, Nails, wood Panels, Nails,...【Get Price】

Wood Panel | Hay Day Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaNote: this page is about wood panels, not to be confused with planks. wood panels are supplies...【Get Price】

Hay Day Cheats & Tips (That Don't Require Additional Downloads ...2 Mar 2014 ... Use these hay day video game cheats and tips to increase farm production and have fun playing your favourite free online video game. ... getting more diamonds. Diamonds are the most valuable currency in hay day. There are ways to get more diamonds and even free diamonds. If you synchronize Facebook with the game, you'll get diamonds everytime you go up a level. Players also ... Head to the Road Shop; once there, buy a new slot and sell 5 pieces of wood.【Get Price】

Duct Tape | Hay Day Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaDuct tape is supply item used to upgrade the barn and the grocery store. It is unlocked at...【Get Price】

Hay Day - Get quick items! (Screw, Wood Panel, Duct Tape, S ...10 Jan 2013 ... Screw, wood Panel, Duct Tape, Saw, Land Deed, Shovel, Mallet, Nail, Bolt, Axe, Marker Stake, plank, Dynamite & TNT Barrel.【Get Price】

How to collect free plank for hay day game - YouTube27 Oct 2016 ... 2:09. hay day - HOW TO get FREE XP WITHOUT A HACK! I REVEAL HOW, IN THIS VIDEO! + HOW TO LEVEL UP FASTER! - Duration: 25:28. SuperSight hay day 20,760 views · 25:28 · How To get Tools (plank, Screw, Axe, Saw, ETC.) In hay day! (hay day In Hindi Ep#4) - Duration: 2:36. Clash With Rohit Hindi Gaming 2,192 views · 2:36. Land Materials Is Useless Now - hay day Level 78 | Part 07 - Freedom Farm - Duration: 19:02. Myhayday 942,885 views.【Get Price】

amazing hay day!! available screw,bolt,plank,wood panel,tnt,saw ...1 Oct 2017 ... amazing can get any tools of hay day..follow my way.【Get Price】

Hay Day: the essential guide to the The Town update - Softonic8 Jun 2014 ... How to get the new city? What are the buildings and advantages for each of them? In this guide, I'll give you the information you need to get the most out of hay day, the new features and to have even more fun with the game, if that's possible! ... Reputation is a new indicator that applies only to your new town and increases depending on how many more people have visited. ... Materials needed to improve the building: wooden planks, screws and paint buckets.【Get Price】

Hippopotamus | Hay Day Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaHippopotamuses are one of the animals that can be unlocked in the sanctuary. Like all other...【Get Price】

How to get materials faster - Hay Day Quick Tips #1 (2016) - YouTube11 Oct 2016 ... This video teach you how to obtain building materials (nails, bolt,wood panel, screw, duct tape, plank,) and (marker stake, mallet, land deed) expansion mate...【Get Price】

Increasing Storage - Hay Day - Super CheatsPerhaps the most infuriating part of hay day is the way players are curtailed by the limited size of Barns and Silos. It is strongly recommended that you save your Diamonds for purchasing the ma..【Get Price】

Build and Expand Your Hay Day Farm Without Spending Any Real ...6 Jan 2013 ... How to get all the building materials you will ever need in hay day without spending a single in-game diamond or a single real-life dime. This.【Get Price】

Supplies | Hay Day Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaAs the game tends to 'give' you the items you already have a lot of, a good way to make sure you get a steady supply of axes and saws is to keep quite a few instead of using them all. All types of supplies are extremely sought-after items. While you can occasionally find them in the Daily Dirt, you have to be very quick to buy them before another player does. Make sure to open the newspaper as soon as it changes then browse it as quickly as possible. Playing at less crowded time also ...【Get Price】

Mallet | Hay Day Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaMallets are supplies used to expand the farm, the fishing lake and the town. They are unlocked...【Get Price】

Nail | Hay Day Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaNails are supplies used to upgrade the cinema, the silo and the tackle box. They are unlocked at...【Get Price】

How To Get Tools (Plank, Screw, Axe, Saw, ETC.) In Hay Day! (Hay ...27 Apr 2017 ... Guys In This Video We Will See How To get Tools In hay day For Free! This Really Helps You To Do Your Stuff! They Include Saw, Axe, plank, Screw, Shovel, Dynamite, Nail, Duct Tape, Bolt, Mallet, Marker Stake, wood Panel, Land Deed. I Hope This Video Really Helps You! Thank You For Watching Guys! If You Are New, I Make Gaming Videos In Hindi And Cover Various Games And Have Made hay day Videos In Hindi, Clash Of Clans In Hindi, Clash Royale In ...【Get Price】

Hay Day Farm - Trade Bolt & Tape for Planks - YouTube29 Sep 2014 ... This video shows an example of a trade for planks. I traded bolts and tape and got planks in return. Tips: Use the last Stall. Wait till they buy the wheat. ...【Get Price】

Plank | Hay Day Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaNote: this page is about planks, not to be confused with wood panels. planks are supplies used...【Get Price】