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Decks and Porches | GreenBuildingAdvisor.comThe right materials can significantly extend service life, making higher initial costs worthwhile. decks in particular suffer grueling conditions. The number of specialized building products, especially for exterior decking, has increased dramatically in recent years, reducing maintenance requirements without sacrificing durability. Structural integrity. In-ground concrete piers and wood framing, not full-depth f【Get Price】

Elevations | Steel Deck Framing & Substructure Supplies | Elevations Steel deck Framing - a deck foundation that won't sag, rot, or warp like traditional wood substructures. See how can elevate your deck today. ... Stronger. Unparalleled strength enables cantilevers and dramatic curved deck designs; Longer spans allow for fewer posts and less obstructed views; Triple-coated steel offers consistency, durability and reliability that other materials can't ...【Get Price】

Wood Decks - Quikretestructures, or stair and railing details. Lumber for decks. Lumber for outdoor projects should be highly resistant to moisture and insects. Pressure-treated lumber is a good economic choice. Preservatives forced deep into the wood fibers give this .... joists to the beams. Ledgers. decks that attach to an existing house require the use of a ledger. A ledger is a 2 x 6 or 2 x 8 piece of lumber that attaches to the house with bolts, which extend through the ledger, house siding, house sheathing ...【Get Price】

Seven different deck design ideas | Bunnings WarehouseA deck is a great way to extend your living area to the outdoors and is something you can build yourself . But why settle for a stock ... Small energy efficient LED lights set into the side of your deck or along the steps will add a touch of class and sophistication to any deck, and there are some types that you can install yourself. All in the details. Screws that are all lined up along the line of the deck joists looks a lot neater and more professional than a haphazard line of nails. Make sure the ...【Get Price】

How To Extend An Existing Deck, Expand An Old Deck ... - PinterestHow To Extend An Existing deck, Expand An Old deck, Make A deck Bigger By Adding More Posts And joists.【Get Price】

Deck Design Guide - The City of Portland, OregonDetails (see Brochure 6) or you can use the details in this Guide. Your plans must include details of the following parts of your deck: Ledger board attachment. . Joist-to-beam connection. . Rim joist connection. . Post-to-beam connection .... so the bottom can be located a minimum of 18 inches below the finished grade and extend six inches above the finished grade. If you have fill material that is greater than 18 inches deep, your footing will need to extend through the fill to.【Get Price】

Terminology to Know When Extending a Deck - How to Extend an ...Most experts agree that a deck extension project is no easy task, and that it's best to hire an experienced contractor to do the work for you. Make sure the contractor is licensed, has insurance and will obtain any necessary permits (if the deck is close enough to the ground, it may not necessitate a permit). Shop around for a good estimate, ... Cantilevering refers to a beam that extends beyond a support post or a joist that extends beyond a beam. The further it extends, the less safe it will ...【Get Price】

Planning to build a deck | Bunnings WarehouseProject Overview. Building a deck is a great way to expand your outdoor living space. But before you start, there are a number of things to consider. We'll cover everything from getting council approval, to checking for underground cables and pipes, to what style of deck you want. Continue to step-by-step instructions. This D.I.Y. Advice is part of a series How to build a deck. Tie tring. View the video. 00:32 ...【Get Price】

Deck Connection and Fastening Guide - Tulalip Tribesledgers or band joists. deck ledgers shall not be supported on stone or masonry veneer. IRC 2009, Section R502.2.2.2. IRC 2012 Section R507.2.2. Selection of products based upon performance and/or suitability for a specific application should be made by a qualified professional. Simpson Strong-Tie recommends that deck designs be approved by the local building department before construction begins. Ledger Attachment. For more information on ledger attachment see Fastening ...【Get Price】

How to build a deck | Bunnings WarehouseHow to build a deck. A deck is the perfect way to extend your living area to the outdoors and improve the value of your home. Find out how you can build your own deck that you will enjoy for years to come. ... Step 4: Install the joists. With the stumps and bearers in place, the next step in building your deck is to install the joists; these are the beams that will support the decking boards. Watch How To Install joists for a deck. Person securing decking with a fastener ...【Get Price】