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National forest products statistics, Philippines - Food and Agriculture . Type. Coverage. Production volume (m3). Fuelwood, Log, Lumber, Plywood, Veneer, Non-timber forest products, Blockboard. Forest charges (PhP). Logs, Non-timber forest products. Prices (PhP). Log (m3), Lumber (board feet), Plywood, Lawanit, Fuelwood, Rattan. Forest Products import (volume and value). Wood chips..【Get Price】

The Proper Wood for a Proper Home | Topbest Blog Jul 19, 2014 . Pressure-treated lumber is wood that has been immersed in a liquid preservative and placed in a pressure chamber to force the chemical into the wood fibers, making sure that . Experts found it to be as good as green Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA), a type of treatment recognized for its effectiveness【Get Price】

LUMBER YARDS IN THE PHILIPPINES ROUGH SAWN LUMBER . Dec 4, 2014 . LUMBER YARDS IN THE PHILIPPINES ROUGH SAWN LUMBER http://youtu.be/jQ1gBD4yXaw Lumber (American English)[1] or timber (British English, Hiberno-English, New Z..【Get Price】

7 types of wood you can use for your house - Homify Mar 26, 2017 . Wood forever holds a special place in our hearts (and homes!) because of its timeless beauty, natural appeal, and durability. Other than those futuristic houses, there seems to be a consistent presence of wood in every home, whether it be the structure's main material or a piece of treasure for adornment【Get Price】

The Philippine Lumber Industry - jstor Lauan Type. 2. Lauan-Lagachac Type. 3. Yacal-Lauan Type Dipterocarp. 4. Lauan-Apitong Type f Family. 5. Tanguile-Oak Type. 6. Molave Type. Lauan Type. Similar woods having the name lanan predominate in this type of forest. It is the most important commercial forest in the Philippines. This type is found in regions with..【Get Price】

What Is the Philippine Mahogany Hardwood Used in Chris-Craft . Jun 1, 2008 . Q: I have been looking for an authoritative summary on Philippine mahogany. I SevenTrust classic boats mainly Chris-Crafts,and in the post-World War II years Chris-Craft used Philippine mahogany for its boats. I know there ain't no such thing as Philippine mahogany! What is the species of wood that is..【Get Price】

Wood Handbook, Chapter 06: Commercial Lumber, Round Timbers . The grading practices of most interest are considered in the sections that follow, under the major categories of hardwood lumber and softwood lumber, round timbers, and ties. Contents. Hardwood Lumber 62. Factory Lumber 62. Dimension and Component Parts 64. Finished Market Products 64. Lumber Species 66【Get Price】

lumber - CITIHARDWARE - The Home Improvement Warehouse 31 records . Specie: Douglas Fir Size: 38x89x2400mm (2"x4"x8") Code: 2x4x8 Untreated. 2x4x10 Untreated. Brand: American Lumber Description: Untreated Lumber (Indoor) Specie: Douglas Fir Size:38x89x3000mm (2"x4"x10') Code: 2x4x10 Untreated. 1x6x8 Lumber. Brand: NZ Wood Description: Lumber Size: 14.5 x 134..【Get Price】

Types of Wood There are two basic wood grades. Select lumber is excellent quality for use when appearance and finishing are important and common lumber that has defects used for construction and general-purpose projects. The grades of the select lumber are: B and Better grade, which has minute or no blemishes; C Select grade..【Get Price】

Ask Jigs | Type of Wood Material for Furnitures - Adefuin Design Studio A good wood that fits your needs is lauan, or Philippine mahogany. If you're environmentally conscious, you'll take comfort in the abundance of this lumber in the Philippines. Still legal to harvest, Philippine mahogany is endemic to the Philippines. It's a reliable kind of wood that is brimming with character and history【Get Price】

Meranti - WOOD Magazine However, none of these species belong to the family Meliaceae that includes the New World mahoganies of the Swietenia genus, such as Honduras mahogany. Generally, the trees that supply the timber for Philippine mahogany lumber and plywood belong to the huge plant family called Dipterocarpaceae. And in that..【Get Price】

Mahogany, Philippine - Wholesale Lumber | Wholesale Hardwood . Other Common Name(s):. Bataan, Dark Red Lauan, Dark Red Meranti, Dark Red Philippine Mahogany, Dark Red Seraya, Mayapis, Nemesu, Oba Suluk, Philippine Mahogany, Red Lauan, Red P【Get Price】

Philippines Lumber, Filipino Lumber Manufacturers - Made in . Coco Lumber and logs. FOB Price: 600 ~ 800 / Cubic Meter ( Negotiable ) Get Latest Price Business Type: Exporters No. of Employees: 6-10 Tags: Wood | Lumber | Timber..【Get Price】

Philippine Mahogany | The Wood Database - Lumber Identification . The wood name Philippine Mahogany is a loose term that applies to a number of wood species coming from southeast Asia. Another common name for this wood is Meranti: while yet another name that is commonly used when referring to plywood made of this type of wood is Lauan. (And even though it's called Philippine..【Get Price】

Common Furniture Woods - Guide to Furniture Woods: Tips and . Basswood: Basswood is a common hardwood, often used in combination with rare woods such as walnut and mahogany. Its color varies from . Lauan (red lauan, white lauan): This hardwood, a mahogany look-alike, is used in less expensive grades of furniture; it is often sold as Philippine mahogany. The wood varies in..【Get Price】

10 Wood Types for Your Interior Design - Decoist Nov 24, 2012 . From the pine tree with its strong Christmas roots, to the imported Brazilian cherry, the natural element of a wooden floor or china cabinet, even something as simple as framed artwork in reclaimed lumber is always a great facet of our motif. The species of wood that requires sun, soil and water is a choice..【Get Price】

Different types of wood timber by A to Z | Friends of the Earth Meranti / Seraya (parts of Malaysia) and Lauan (Philippines) Red, Yellow and White. Shorea spp. South-east Asia. All types of joinery, framing, doors and fittings. Also used in plywood a. Major. Many Shorea species in international trade areCR, EN or. Regularly as woodblock and wood strip flooring, occasionally as beams【Get Price】

Properties of Philippine Woods & Timber | Wood | Lumber - Scribd Visual Grading of Lumber (VSG) o Philippine Wood species are grouped into four: I. 63% c. Guijo.g. 5 5.8 8.0 9.5 9.49 (1) 1.7 4.7 8.27 2.) 24.64 Malabayabas (Tristania spp.95 Liusin [Parinari corymbosa (Blume) Miq.8 8.Allowable Stress from NSCP Species (Common and Botanical Names) 80% Stress Grade Bending and..【Get Price】

Lumber - Robinsons Builders Lumber. Lumber and Woodworks » Lumber. * Price may change without prior notice. In case of price discrepancy, store price shall prevail. * Stock availability may vary per store. Some items featured in this site are by order basis. * Actual colors may vary from photos. 5 products in this category Sort by: Sku | Name..【Get Price】