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Boat Decks: Teak vs Synthetic Teak - Sail Magazine10 Sep 2016 ... One of the most eye-catching boats at the Newport boat show last fall, the Scandinavian Cruiser 20, is a fast daysailer with a narrow hull and a traditional teak deck. At least it looked ... Since the advent of fiberglass boat production, sailors have had a love-hate relationship with teak decks. On the one .... Another strong candidate aesthetically, Dek-King provides an excellent combination of wood-like appearance and texture, without being in any way hairy. It received ...【Get Price】

Marine Boat Decking - Synthetic Teak Decking | PlasDECK Inc.Synthetic Boat deck, Yacht decking, marine teak decking. Plasdeck is a patented synthetic teak boat decking option that provides the elegant look of a teak deck without any of the time-consuming and costly maintenance associated with natural wood teak. Made out of flexible PVC, this material is easy to work with and maintain. It's the perfect option to upgrade your boat and replace the dingy old carpet. Plasdeck will hold up to the sun and marine environment for years while you ...【Get Price】

Properly Restoring Teak Boats - Web Only Article - Practical SailorProbably nothing can make or break the appearance of a fiberglass boat more quickly than the appearance of the exterior teak trim. ... Even if the grain is quite pronounced on laid teak decks, you may be better off living with a cleaned irregular surface than opening Pandora's box by trying to create a perfectly smooth surface. On other solid teak items such as handrails, toerails, and Dorade boxes, thorough sanding of the chemically cleaned surface before treating with a sealer will ...【Get Price】

Bedding & Teak Deck Bonding | Sika AGFor timber and teak decks that need to be completely watertight and weather-resistant, Sika has developed Sikaflex-290 DC PRO. This extremely easy-to-use, Hi-UV-resistant, one component polyurethane deck-caulking compound can, once cured, be flush-sanded with the deck to supply a beautifully neat, clean finish. Sika's marine teak deck Maintenance System preserves and cares for new and weathered teakwood as well as for all other kinds of wood applied above the waterline ...【Get Price】

SIKA MARINE APPLICATION GUIDE TEAK DECKINGPrimer marine using a clean brush, a foam pad or a felt applicator. Flash off time: 30 minutes (min) to 24 hours (max). Fig. 3 Applying SikaCor ZP Primer with a roller. PROCEDURE OF. LEVELLING, BONDING. AND CAULKING OF teak. deckS. GENERAL WORKING. CONDITIONS. The preferred working conditions for applying sealant to decking are as follows: outside temperature 5 °C to 35 °C and maximal 75 % relative humidity. Avoid increasing temperature during.【Get Price】

Sika Marine Teak Deck Maintenance Systemteak WOOd and for all Other kinds of WOOd Sikaº teak Cleaner is directly applied º spread Sikaº teak Cleaner using a employed above the Waterline. The Sikaº teak º On the dry Weathered Wood. The product brush Or Scrubbing pad to remove dirt. deck Maintenance System is also employed is brushed onto the Substrate using a and StainS. to maintain the beauty of the various kinds Stiff brush or a scrubbing pad. of wood used for interior furnishings. Sika marine teak deck ...【Get Price】

The Care and Feeding of Teak Decks - boats.com16 Apr 2014 ... Don't underestimate this; a new teak deck for a 40-foot boat will cost upwards of $30,000 (and it's a bill that all too frequently comes as an unpleasant surprise to the owner). The biggest problem is that the gorgeous scrubbed look that we all see on photos of superyachts and classic vessels literally wears the deck away at up to one tenth of an inch of thickness each year. While the grain of the teak wood is very hard, the fibers between the grains are soft and are easily ...【Get Price】