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KEMPER SYSTEM - Liquid-applied resin waterproofing and ...KEMPER SYSTEM - Liquid-applied resin waterproofing and surfacing systems for Parking decks & Ramps.【Get Price】

Waterproofing of flat roof with KEMPEROL - YouTube24 Jun 2013 ... KEMPER SYSTEM with the brand KEMPEROL is the market leader in the global liquid waterproofing sector.【Get Price】

AQUAFIN Inc. - Roof Deck Waterproofingroof deck waterproofing. The Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City is situated right on the boardwalk with beautiful ocean views from the rooftop deck and patio area. An existing non-breathable roofing membrane had failed and the owners were looking for a replacement system that would provide a waterproof membrane and finished wearing surface in one. AQUAFin-2K/M was chosen due to its breathability, durability, waterproofing capability and ease of application in ...【Get Price】

Walkways and Driveways on Roofs and Decks - ZinCoRegulations for roofs with waterproofing Flat roof Guideline. (Organization of German roofer Society ZVDH). A number of guidelines, technical bulletins and additional technical contract terms of the german Road and Transportation Research Association (FGSV) important Standards and Guidelines. Not all standards and regulations are relevant for each project. Please consider also all relevant local and national regulations. The ZinCo Te【Get Price】

Roof Deck Waterproofing - KEMPER SYSTEMKEMPER SYSTEM - Liquid-applied resin membranes for roof deck waterproofing.【Get Price】

KEMPER SYSTEM Liquid-applied Waterproofing, Roofing and ...As part of a strategic initiative to grow through acquisitions, Kemper System America, inc. is pleased to announce the purchase of STS Coatings, inc. (Comfort, TX) four major brands of liquid products. Now a full 'Building Envelope Solutions' company, Kemper System's acquisition of Wall Guardian Liquid Applied Air Barriers, roof Guardian Technologies Elastomeric roof Coatings, HeatBloc Ultra Radiant Liquid Applied Radiant Barriers and GreatSeal Construction Sealants ...【Get Price】

flat roof design considerations - Baudercold roof construction. Although this type of construction is normally continuously supported, it can also provide a at and stable structure directly over most proled metal decking and is generally recommended for all at roof applications due to the simplicity of its design. 1.waterproofing. 2.Rigid insulation. 3.Vapour Control Layer. 4.Structural deck (e.g. plywood). 5.roof Void. 6.Ceiling. 7.Support Structure. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. FLAT roof CONSTRUCTION TYPES. Thermal Design.【Get Price】

KEMPER SYSTEM - The waterproofing specialistThe KEMPER SYSTEM Group is a specialist for high-tech waterproofing systems and coatings based on liquid-applied resins. The group is headquarted in germany and maintains subsidiaries in England, France, Italy, the USA, india, China and Japan, plus partnerships with qualified contractors and distributors in a number of countries. KEMPER SYSTEM has evolved to become a worldwide specialist for waterproofing and coating systems for application on flat roofs, parking decks, ...【Get Price】

Waterproofing Membranes for Plaza / IRMA Roofing - KEMPER ...Kemper System membranes fully adhere to the substrate and are permanently resilient, even under extreme climatic conditions. They are resistant to ice and standing water while offering a proven long-term solution of plaza waterproofing. Kemper System offers plaza deck and below grade waterproofing systems with single-source warranties available. Kemperol waterproofing membranes are compatible with: Paver systems; Concrete overburden assemblies; Fountains and planters ...【Get Price】

KEMPER SYSTEM - Waterproofing Membranes for Green Roofing ...Provide a reliable, long-term waterproofing solution for a large landscaped roof garden located directly above critical care facilities. roof garden design incorporated tree pits, planters, grass, and hardscaped walking areas, with total soil thickness of up to three feet in depth. Solution Complete edge-to-edge encapsulation of the parapet wall and deck structure with Kemperol membrane, followed by the installation of the landscaped overburden assembly. Hospital patients and their ...【Get Price】

KEMPER SYSTEM Liquid-applied Waterproofing, Roofing and ...in 1957, Kemper System developed the first cold liquid-applied, fully reinforced waterproofing membrane. Since then, our products have proven to perform at optimum performance on billions of square feet. Today, Kemper System is the worldwide leader in manufacturing the highest quality waterproofing and roofing membranes in the industry. waterproofing Systems, roofing Systems, Surfacing Systems. Monolithic, seamless waterproofing membrane for long-term protection of ...【Get Price】

Greenroofs101: Waterproofing - Greenroofs.comSome believe the liquid-applied membrane provides a superior waterproofing and easier maintenance (McDonough + Partners, 1999). Because it is applied as a liquid, it must be installed directly on the roofing deck, requiring that existing roofing be completely removed. With certain limitations and particular code requirements, sheet membranes may be installed over existing roofing, although manufacturers prefer that existing roofing be removed. Sheet membranes can also be more ...【Get Price】

Waterproofing, deck membranes and joint sealantsBASF's waterproofing, construction joint sealants and deck membranes safeguard structures from the ingression of unwanted water, moisture and environmental contaminants. ... MasterSeal waterproofing sealants and watertight deck membranes. Construction sealant close up. Related Literature. Joint Sealants Brochure ( Joint Sealants Brochure pdf, 3.7 MB); roofing Brochure ( roofing Brochure pdf, 1.4 MB); Sealant Selection Guide ( Sealant Selection Guide pdf, 1.7 MB) ...【Get Price】

Welcome to KEMPER SYSTEMWelcome to KEMPER SYSTEM -the international specialist for liquid applied waterproofing and coating systemsKEMPER SYSTEM, located in the centre of germany, specialises in waterproofing solutions for the most challenging projects. The company maintains subsidiaries in Europe, the USA, Canada, india and China, plus partnerships with qualified contractors and distributors in a number of countries.【Get Price】

KOMSOL - Waterproof Concrete and Clay Roof TilesWith Topseal and innerseal waterproofing, the useful life of the roof can be prolonged and underlying construction protected from damp related damage. Protect roofs with clay and concrete roof tiles - Prevent moss, weathering and leaks. Clay and concrete roof tiles need protection against both water and acidic pollutants, otherwise they might leach and crumble to pieces. Both clay and concrete are strongly ... roof tile protection with Controll Topseal, Castle Sazvay, germany ...【Get Price】

EVALON - German-made EVA/PVC waterproofing membrane - ElmichWhat is EVALON<sup> </sup>. EVALON<sup> </sup> waterproofing membranes are superior quality EVA membranes for single-ply waterproofing of all types of flat roof constructions and application methods as well as for waterproofing of foundations. MAKE AN ENQUIRY BROCHURES SPECS CERTS. APPLICATIONS; FEATURES; BENEFITS; inSTALLATION; SPECIFICATIONS; WATCH VIDEO. Metal/soft roof; Green roof; inverted roof; decks and terraces. Soft and flexible material; Surface does not&nbsp;...【Get Price】

KEMPER SYSTEM - Liquid-applied resin membranes for new ...waterproof the 20,000 sq.ft. concrete roof deck of a new museum wing. Museum wing was designed with 1,250 metal-based circular skylights spaced 18 inches apart in order to achieve natural lighting throughout the gallery area. Solution installation of Kemperol membrane with Kemperdur aggregate surfacing adhered directly to the concrete deck substrate, including self-terminating flashings at all skylights. Self-terminating feature of flashings eliminated the use of termination bars&nbsp;...【Get Price】