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Best Kitchen Floors That Stand Floor Traffic - Consumer Reports30 May 2014 ... Hand-scraped, grooved, and【Get Price】

Vinyl flooring - Consumer Reportsvinyl flooring can look remarkably like wood or stone. In consumer reports' flooring tests, vinyl proves very durable.【Get Price】

Durable Tile Flooring With the Look of Wood - Consumer Reports6 May 2016 ... The warmth of wood flooring is still preferred by many homeowners. But for sheer utility, wood may not be the best flooring choice for highly-trafficked areas, as consumer reports' tough flooring tests have shown. To give consumers the look of wood and the durability of other materials, flooring manufacturers have developed laminate, vinyl, and linoleum products that simulate wood's color and graineven the texture. And now fans of porcelain tile flooring can enjoy ...【Get Price】

Breathe Easier About Your Flooring - Consumer Reports28 Jul 2016 ... consumer reports decided to do some testing of its own on a variety of wood flooring products, including two laminates currently on the market. In the ... We have also published Ratings of prefinished solid-wood, vinyl, and tile floors; all are better choices when it comes to formaldehyde emissions. ... The agency worked with the California Air Resources Board to help ensure the final national rule is consistent with California requirements for composite wood products.【Get Price】

Best Steam Mop Buying Guide - Consumer Reports25 Apr 2016 ... Manufacturers indicate that their steam mops can be used on various hard floors, including vinyl, tile, and sealed wood. But all the tested models left residual moisture, some more than others. A wood floor that appears sealed might have crevices where water can seep in and cause damage. Also, some wood finishes or older waxes might haze over. Check with the manufacturer of your flooring to make sure using a steam mop wouldn't void the warranty. Cleaning Up【Get Price】

The Right Type of Flooring for Every Room - Consumer Reports29 Jun 2017 ... wood wins the prize as America's favorite hard-surface flooring type, outselling vinyl, porcelain tile, and every other option, according to market-research firm Mintel's 2016 report on residential flooring. But wood can be a loser in the kitchen, where a .... can also usually be installed over a concrete subfloor. But for a porch that's exposed to weather, you'd do better with an exterior decking product, such as a tropical hardwood, composite, cedar, or pressure-treated pine.【Get Price】

Best Replacement Window Buying Guide - Consumer Reports15 Sep 2016 ... wood Frame. Most are solid wood, though some may include composite materials (e.g., plastic with wood fibers embedded in it). You can choose from a variety of hardware finishes, allowing you to pick a style that matches your home. Photo of a vinyl window frame.【Get Price】

Best Decking Buying Guide - Consumer Reports24 Mar 2017 ... To avoid splitting planks, drill pilot holes for nails, countersink screws in wood, and predrill screw holes into composite. ... composite Decking. Pros: Best for the look of wood without the need to stain. It's made of plastic and wood fiber and sometimes can be stained to change its color. Most now also come with some or all sides encased in plastic to prevent mildew growth. ... A vinyl decking product we reviewed snapped in place over metal clips screwed onto the joists.【Get Price】

Best Decking Reviews Consumer ReportsEntertain guests and enjoy your backyard from a deck. composite, plastic, and other decking materials allow for a range of features, such as slip resistance and flexing. View our ratings and reviews and browse our Buying Guide to find the best decking. Decking Ratings. 0 SHARES. Created with Sketch. SWIPE. Decking Materials (6). wood usually changes color quickly unless you apply a finish. Nonwood decking still looked good after a year outdoors without refinishing. composites ...【Get Price】

Best Flooring for Families with Kids - Consumer ReportsNo glue means no harmful fumes and no fasteners means you can often save money by installing the flooring yourself. Floating floors are also the easiest to remove should you decide to replace them when the kids are older. Floating is an option with engineered wood, plastic laminate, linoleum, and some ceramic tiles. Gluing is an option with engineered wood, vinyl, linoleum, and tiles. Of course you should keep children away from all work sites till the work is completed and fumes ...【Get Price】