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Building your own house: Cedar cladding | Stuff.co.nz16 Jun 2015 ... It's been a long time coming, but this week we finally saw our cedar cladding go up on the house. Why cedar? It smells great and it looks fantastic. The scent will fade, but if it's looked after, it will keep on looking good for years. It's sustainably harvested and contains an oil which has antimicrobial and antigrowth properties basically a self-produced timber preservative - all of which help its eco credentials. It's been used in New Zealand for decades so it's tried and true ...【Get Price】

Timbers Stocked - TimspecWestern Red cedar. Yellow cedar. Radiata Pine. Jarrah. Kwila. Malaysian Kauri. American White Ash. American White Oak. American Hard Maple. American Black Walnut. American Cherry. Australian Oak. Australian Blackwood. European Beech. European White Oak. Pilularis ... Accoya Hardwood Decking. Accoya is a modified timber a substitute for tropical hardwoods. ... Blackbutt is an Australian hardwood that has a proven history for being a durable exterior timber. View Options ...【Get Price】

Redwood | NZ WoodRedwood makes an excellent substitute for cedar exterior cladding provided sapwood is excluded and hot-dipped galvanised, silicon-bronze, stainless steel or copper nails are used. In situations where corrosion of fastenings is a ... Redwood is a softwood displaying similar properties to Western red cedar. Larch and redwood are included in MAF ... timber from the best specimens is easily worked, shrinks little, and is very stable in service. Lower quality specimens have lesser ...【Get Price】

Cedar Sales: Western Red Cedar Cladding & Panelling - ExpertsFor over 30 years, cedar Sales have provided stylish & 【Get Price】

A lifeline for state's deteriorating timber bridges Cedar Creek Bridge ...As a way to extend the life of timber bridges, the Cessnock Council selected. Bridgeply, a plywood bridge deck system developed by timber specialist and plywood manufacturer, Big River Group. An alternative to steel and concrete decks, the system is an engineered substitute for traditional hardwood decking, which is less expensive and faster to install, a critical measure of success for the cedar Creek. Bridge. The larger size of the Bridgeply product helps to absorb much of the extra ...【Get Price】

Sustainable Wood Products | Eco Friendly Wood ... - Harvest TimberRead below to better understand responsibly harvest wood as a renewable resource. Today's sustainable forestry practices ensure a perpetual abundance of cedar and Douglas Fir from North America's forests. Wood substitutes like wood plastic composites are manufactured from materials extracted from the earth once removed, they can never be replaced. And when substitute products ages beyond their useful life, they become part of landfills. As a natural product, cedar is fully ...【Get Price】

Searching for Alternatives to Red Cedar? Northern White Cedar is ...Northern White cedar is the Best Solution | Heartwood Mills. ... If you've already spec'd Western Red cedar for a building project, Northern White cedar is a simple substitution that offers the same exceptional beauty, durability, and sustainability for much less than Western Red cedar because it's harvested and ... Here are just a few of the reasons why more and more architects and builders are choosing Northern White cedar as their timber of choice, right from the start of a project.【Get Price】

Accoya Hardwood Decking - TimspecFinger-jointed cedar. Ideal for plugs for hull and deck moulds; Ideal for cleats, etc; Great for hidden forming work; Cheaper than cedar clears; 6.3M Lengths ... Accoya is a modified timber a substitute for tropical hardwoods. Modified by means of Acetylation. This Process renders the timber ... We recommend a minimum of one coat of a suitable exterior timber decking coating or oil be applied to all four sides plus cut ends of the decking prior to installation. Some species can be factory ...【Get Price】

Iroko - TimspecNew Zealand's premier timber merchant Timspec specialises in the import and wholesale of a wide range of timbers to manufacturers, joiners, furniture manufacturers and building supply merchants. ... Yellow cedar. Very durable timber; Stable; Commonly used by major marine manufacturers in New Zealand ... Often used as a substitute for Teak. Grain is typically interlocked. The texture is medium to coarse and even. It has neither taste nor odour . Darkens with age. Sustainability: ...【Get Price】

Homelife - Buyer's Guide To TimberSort maple from mahogany with our simple timber types glossary. ... cedar. The most common type of cedar is western red. As this name implies, it is pinky, red in colour. It is relatively soft but straight grained and is mostly used for outdoors for furniture, deck handrails, wall cladding and window frames because it resists rotting in moist environments. Relatively inexpensive. ... Easy to work, it is commonly used in furniture production where it is a good substitute for white oak.【Get Price】

Timber and Woodlike Venetians - Coast and Country CurtainsOur range of timber venetians is extensive, offering cedar venetians in various colours and finishes. Hand crafted cedar timber blinds custom-made from ... Carefully formulated transparent and semi-transparent finishes, often applied by hand, have been developed to retain and enhance the unique grain and colour of cedar. We also have a large selection of non timber ... using the same components as the cedar. The timber alternative blind is an inexpensive and attractive substitute.【Get Price】

ALTERNATIVES TO RADIATA PINE FOR HOUSE FRAMING TO ...defects which are admitted for certain grades can be expected to have similar percentage strength reduction effects on different species. Strength and stiffness for timber are related, so a species which is stiff enough will generally also be strong enough for direct substitution for radiata pine, grade for grade. Lower strength species are generally of low density and this affects joint strength. The fastening recommendations of NZS 3604 presuppose timber of given density and nailholding.【Get Price】

Timber Cladding: The New Alternative in Natural ... - Abodo WoodMany exterior timbers are treated with toxic chemicals or are harvested from unsustainable sources. Abodo's range of timbers is safe for you & the environment.【Get Price】

Vulcan Cladding | Timber Cladding & Weatherboards - AbodoVulcan Cladding. Abodo Vulcan Cladding is our premium weatherboard timber. Created from Abodo's thermally modified New Zealand plantation timber for superior beauty, durability and weathering characteristics. Vulcan Cladding is suitable for coating in darker colours, and is a renewable alternative to cedar Cladding. Modern, clean lines. Features. Vertical or Horizontal Cladding. Vulcan Cladding can be used in vertical or horizontal applications. WB10 profile is a secret fix profile ...【Get Price】

AquaFir | Premium prefinished wood substitute - Montana Timber ...AquaFir is a premium prefinished wood substitute for architects, contractors, and homeowners who have historically chosen various species of cedar or pine; but want more durability, strength, and waterproofing . AquaFir's Doug Fir and cedar substrate is Kiln Dried to a moisture content range of 10-15% and is commonly used for siding, trim, decking, fencing, and timbers. AquaFir is pre-finished with two coats of our NO VOC Seal-Once and combined with semi-transparent tint to ...【Get Price】

Why Choose Western Red Cedar? - Real Cedar11 Jun 2013 ... BEAUTY Aesthetically, there really is no substitute for the natural beauty of Real cedar. Imbued with decidedly crisp, yet superbly rich, tonal properties, Real cedar can create sublime outdoor sanctuaries, embolden traditional home decor, provoke cutting-edge architecture and inspire innovative interiors. Imagine all that dynamism packed into one beautiful building material! No wonder Real cedar is a designer's dream come true. VERSATILITY Western red ...【Get Price】