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How Can I Hide Horrible Texture on Focal Wall? ? Good Questions ,2 Jun 2014,Somewhere along the way in my rental, someone decided to texture up the wall inside some of the molding.,We're not sure what the stuff is made of, but it's like cement. ,. Some of the most successful rooms and h,..【Get Price】

Disguise or cover vibracrete or precast concrete walls - Home-DzineVibracrete - or precast concrete - walls are a common feature in many South African homes. They offer an affordable way to close off a property and create a private outdoor sanctuary. But vibracrete walls can be an eyesore, or at least an,..【Get Price】

How To Disguise This Cinder Block Wall? ? Good Question ,10 Jun 2010,Q: I'm hoping some of your readers can help a girl out with sprucing up her outdoor space.,and gardens that have been featured so far, but I've noticed that none of them feature the lovely cinder block walls that,..【Get Price】

Foundation Coating with Quikwall - a Quik Overview - YouTube19 Jul 2011,Coating outside foundation wall with Quikrete's Quikwall Surface Bonding Cement. Exposed foam insulation,Foam board insulation on the outside is how the house had been built when we bought it. At least this is a,..【Get Price】

How I parge or plaster a outside wall. (Mike Haduck) - YouTube21 May 2012,Mike Haduck shows how he parges an outside cement wall. this wall was parged once before and fake stone was,videos are my ways and ideas, I always suggest when someone is building to ask outside professional help,,【Get Price】

How to repair cracks in rendered walls - YouTube15 Jun 2012,http://how-to-paint.info We are repairing a crack in a cement rendered wall, the previous person didn't do a very good job of repairing it so it was a bit ha,,..【Get Price】

Amazing Outdoor Walls and Fences | Outdoor Spaces - Patio Ideas ,The experts at HGTV.com share amazing photos of outdoor walls and fences that will make any outdoor space a favorite hangout,,【Get Price】

Painting outside your home - BuildersPainting outside your home. ? Equipment. ? Painting an external wall. ? Painting metal burglar bars. ? Painting roof tiles. ? Painting,plastered walls. It also disguises imperfections and small defects. What's more, it can give an a,..【Get Price】

How to Hide AC Unit | How to Hide Outdoor AC Unit | HouseLogicThese four DIY projects cleverly disguise eyesores, such as outdoor AC units.,A hard-to-hide household eyesore can sink your home's appeal.,How to Camouflage a Cement Fence,She concealed the ugly mess of pipes that ran along,..【Get Price】

Parge the ugly out of your concrete wall - Backwoods Home MagazineParge the ugly out of your concrete wall by Bill Leonard from Issue #57 of Backwoods Home Magazine.,But for those of you who do not know, parging is simply the act of mixing a batch of mortar, then applying it to a wall of some ,. Don,..【Get Price】

David M. Kinsey - Why Damp Occurs and How to Deal with itWhat is damp, why does it occur, and how to prevent it in houses built between 1500-1939, by David M. Kinsey.,In cool wet weather, some moisture will pass into the air of the rooms from the outside walls, but this will not show up ,,,【Get Price】

Repointed walls aren't all they're cracked up to be | House & Home ,22 Oct 2011,DOCTOR ON THE HOUSE; Builders love replacing old mortar between bricks with new cement.,Conservation pointing is a very skilled job, and the aim is to SevenTrust the integrity of a wall but leave it looking as though you,..【Get Price】

Mike Holmes: Hey! Cover up that lower half | National Post15 Apr 2013,Cover up that lower half,Done properly, a finished basement can add a lot of livable space to your home.,Ideally, you want to have rigid foam insulation in a basement against all the outside walls and the floor ? a,..【Get Price】