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Non-Slip Floor Surface Photographs - Global Safe TechnologiesIf you have any issue or doubt about your floor surface slipperiness, contact your local Authorised Dealer. Our floor Safety Expert will come to you to asses your situation and will provide you with a complimentary floor Safety Inspection Report, so you will know whether you have an issue. This is only just the beginning of our service and at all times you can be sure that our representative will have your best interest at heart. Click on Contact US to get your nearest Authorised Dealer's ...【Get Price】

Non-Skid Anti-Slip Surface Coating for Industrial Floor, Pool & StairsJust about any floor surface that routinely gets wet, oily and slippery should be treated with non-skid coatings to prevent falls and injuries. The safety that a non-skid floor provides is well worth the investment of time and money. Creating a durable non-skid floor will provide peace of mind and reduced liability from slips and falls. Uses for non-Skid Coatings/flooring. The number of places in which to use a non-skid concrete floor coating is almost endless; in fact, just about any surface ...【Get Price】

Sure Step Non/Anti Slip Floor Treatment & Coating, Wet Floor Safety ...Sure Step non-slip by Interlake Chemicals. Leaders in floor Safety. We provide non slip floor coating for commercial and home use to prevent falls on slippery surfaces: floor, slip tile, decking, bathtubs, swimming pools.【Get Price】

Industrial Non-Slip Flooring Solutions | Black Bear Coatings ...non-slip flooring is important in many different environments, ranging from industrial facilities to hospitals, stores, commercial kitchens, and more. Based on our experience with all types of concrete flooring solutions, we know how to create flooring surfaces that deliver safety and durability, as well as a pleasing appearance. non-slip flooring Solutions. Federal laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as well as government regulations issued by the Occupational Safety and ...【Get Price】

Benefits of Non Slip or Anti Slip Floor SurfacesBenefits of non slip or Anti slip floor surfaces. No more slippery floors, benefits of anti slip flooring. It will save money for you by reducing the likelihood of slip and fall accidents and litigation at your work place and public places. At the home prevents a serious slip injury to loved ones on slippery floor. Assist managers, owners, employers with compliance with relevant OH&S and other floor safety regulations, standards and acts. A non slip floor surface will ensure that all of your staff, ...【Get Price】

Non-Slip 21 Non-skid Floor & Bath Treatment - Safety Direct AmericaMinimizes slip and fall accident risk; Suitable for most granite, glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, PVC, limestone, slate, terrazzo, concrete, terracotta, epoxy, linoleum, marble, thermoplastic and many other floor surfaces; Endorsed by Ceramic Tile Institute of America (CTIOA). This is the only anti-slip floor treatment that CTIOA endorses. Professionally applied and tested non-skid floor treatment; five-year warranty with paid monitoring; Monitored quarterly to confirm that anti-slip floor ...【Get Price】

FAQ Non Slip Floor Surface Safety SolutionsI have tiled / smooth concrete floors which are very slippery when wet. Which of your anti slip products will work on them? The Safe Solution micro etching treatment is suitable for most tiled and smooth concrete surfaces with pedestrian traffic. It creates microscopic channels that allows the water to be displaced under your feet and will increase the traction of the surface. Read more about Micro Etching non-slip solution. Will the micro etching damage my tiles? No, it will not damage ...【Get Price】

Non Slip Floor Treatment Services - Safety Direct GroupExpert Anti slip Treatment. Our patented non-slip formula is suitable for use on a huge array of surfaces both internal and external. It can be applied and cured in minutes without any discernable difference to the floors appearance. No acids, no etching, just a problem solved. Anti-slip floor treatment, along with testing is the most important service we offer. Our team has treated literally thousands of commercial and industrial floors with our patented non-slip 21 formula (AKA NS21).【Get Price】

Anti-slip non slip floor surface applications treatments | Keeping NZ ...Solutions for slippery floors and surfaces baths and showers, ensure customer and employee safety by making slippery surfaces safe.【Get Price】

Non slip flooring | Non slip floor tiles - PORCELANOSA GrupoAnti-slip flooring. PORCELANOSA has developed Nanoker technology to manufacture non slip versions of all its ceramic flooring collections. This system makes it possible to create a nano-structured surface with a uniform texture on the surface of the tiles, very different from the rough texture found in conventional non slip floor tiles finishes. The design of a nano-structured non slip surface was possible due to collaboration between PORCELANOSA Grupo and the ITC (Institute of ...【Get Price】

Non Slip, Anti Slip & Non Skid Floor Coatings | Slip Techslip TECH floor and Safety treatment uses technology from the computer chip industry to make any ceramic, tile, stone, or agglomerate surface extremely slip resistant through micro-etching. The anti-slip coating does not look rough to the human eye, but with a high-powered microscope it looks like the Himalayan Mountains with millions of peaks and valleys. When a shoe makes contact with the wet tile, water is evacuated, forming a suction that creates a non-slip surface, unlike ...【Get Price】

OSHA Compliant Non Slip Industrial Concrete Floor CoatingsProtect Against Accidents and Falls. floors that are constantly subjected to water, fats, oils and other liquids create an unsafe, dangerous working environment for employees and a liability that companies cannot afford to ignore. slip resistant flooring, anti-skid finishes and slip resistant coatings from surface Solutions contains coarse particles that impart a rough, abrasive surface that resists sliding, skidding or falls, helping to make wet, slippery floors safer. Our slip resistant flooring ...【Get Price】