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hySPAN residential span tables - Carter Holt Harveyhyspan+ offers an alternative to F17 hardwood beams in traditional sizes. H2-S TERMINATOR cost effective termite protection with. 25 year guarantee* for peace of mind. Available FSC 'Chain of Custody' certified upon request. Fully supported by CHH Woodproducts technical expertise. Design Criteria and Loading. The spans given in these tables have been developed by experienced timber design engineers in accordance with. AS1684.1:1999 and include the most.【Get Price】

Resource.Org.pdfCantilever span tables. Roof Non-Snow Loads. 11. 22. Roof Snow Loads. 12. 23. dEsIgN ExaMPlEs. 2426. VolUME FaCTors (APPeNdiCeS). 2730. GlueD laminated. BeAm DesiGn tables lued laminated beams (glulams) are used in a wide range of applications ... Structural Glued laminated timber Columns,. Form Y240. g. CoNTENTs ... See Design Examples 2 and 3 (pages 24-25) for examples of preliminary design using glulam beam load-span tables. Allowable Loads for ...【Get Price】

Glue laminated beams span tableTable of Contents. . with longer spans. Camber is the amount of curvature (reverse deflection) that is built into a glulam beam during the manufacturing process to offset a portion of . AITC Beam Capacity tables. AITC Capacity tables provide the uniformly distributed load that a glued laminated timber beam can support based on beam size, span, and material properties. Table specifications are provided with each table indicating conditions and assumptions used to calculate the loads ...【Get Price】

Span Tables | Hyne TimberCommon Product span tables. Stress grades and timber sizes combine to determine the spanning ability of load carrying members. span tables allow users to choose an appropriate size and stress grade to achieve spanning needs. For simple construction, such as domestic construction, this can be determined from span table supplements in AS1684.2 and AS1684.3. Other (more complex) load condition spans can be determined with our free Hyne timber Design 7.5 software.【Get Price】

Span Tables 2016 Glulam Made in Denmark - Lilleheden glulammon European requirements for the production of laminated timber and strength classes for Glulam. Designers need to be aware of the strength classes available on the UK market. The strength classes are now GL28cs and GL30c. Although the strength classes have changed you still get the same quality product from Lilleheden. Since August 2015 the production standard for Glulam,. BS EN 14080:2013 has been mandatory for all manufacturers of. Glulam for load bearing structures.【Get Price】

Beam 17 GLT | GL17 Pine Beam | Glue Laminated Timber | Glulam ...The ultimate in agility. Beam 17 is the ideal alternative to steel and actually the strongest pine glue laminated beam available, making it well suited to a variety of critical load, long span applications. DESIGN INFORMATION. No ordinary lump of wood. A born performer - cut, crafted and fused under the strictest of conditions and engineered to perfection from sustainably grown plantations. Play Video. The people's champion. Efficiency is the key with a broad range of section sizes and ...【Get Price】

Design and Installation Guide - NZ Wood Products2 Apr 2014 ... The span tables and construction details contained in this document have been developed primarily for domestic/residential applications in accordance ... All technical information and span tables in this guide are in accordance with the product specific design properties. This data may be used for .... HYNE BEAM 18 products are high grade glued-laminated timber beams formed from Australian hardwoods. All components are assembled using only durable, exterior ...【Get Price】

SFPA's Southern Pine Headers and Beams - Anthony Forest ProductsThese tables do not consider unbalanced snow loads, drifting or rain-on-snow surcharges that may be required by the building code. Glued laminated timber. In general, glued laminated timber headers and beams are stock items that can be ... spans. The headers and beams provided in these tables have been computed using Allowable Stress Design and standard engineering design equations for simple span beams with uniformly distributed gravity loads. Uplift loads caused by ...【Get Price】

NEW ZEALAND GLULAM SPAN TABLESUnder this system all manufacturers are certified by the New Zealand timber Certification Board, audited six-monthly and independently assessed and issued a licence number by Bureau Veritas. This process entitles approved manufacturers to display the 'S' mark on all product. Producer Statement. Glulam span tables. The span tables and details in this brochure for glue laminated beams (Glulam) have been designed in accordance with sound and widely accepted engineering ...【Get Price】

Links_files/GLUE LAMINATED BEAM DESIGN TABLES.pdfaccount for possible in-service checking. Glulam is also an excellent choice for vertical load carrying members, i.e. posts or columns. For information on the use of glulam for these applications see EWS publication Y240A,. Design of Structural Glued laminated timber Columns. CONTENTS. Table. Pages. Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3. 24F Douglas-fir. Section Properties and Capacities . . . . . . .1 . . . . . . . . . . . .6. Simple span tables. Roof Non-Snow Loads ...【Get Price】

SmartLam GL 17 Design Guide - Tilling Timber2 Mar 2017 ... of this Design Guide, complies to the Building Code of Australia. These span tables have been prepared in accordance with standard engineering principles, the relevant test reports and Australian standards, ie: . AS 1720.3 Residential timber-framed construction. . AS 1720.1 timber structures - design methods. . AS 4055 wind loads for houses. . AS/NZS 4063 Characterisation of structural timber. . AS/NZS 1328 Glue laminated structural tmber - performance.【Get Price】

NZ Glulam Beam Span Tables - Techlam NZGlulam Beam span tables, Revision 3, February 2015. 2.2 Techlam Beam Properties: Rafters, ridge beams, roof lintels and floor lintels using GL8, GL10 and GL12 glue-laminated timber are considered. Beam depths range from 135 to 585mm. The rafter breadths are 42mm, 65mm or 88mm. The ridge beam breadths are 88mm and 135mm. The roof and floor lintel breadths are 88mm. Relevant material properties are given for each grade below (See table 2). Grade. Bending strength ...【Get Price】

Design guide and span tables - Wright Forest ProductsAll tables have been calculated with Statcon 2015.2 SP1 software by Consultec according to Eucode. This guide contains span tables for a number of common uses of Glulam beams, such as floor joists, roof beams, rafters, lintels and posts. All tables have been calculated to EU standards as EU standard quality timber has been used. Eu standards are very conservative in their assumptions thus giving the user of the these Polkky Glulam tables the confidence to choose the right timber ...【Get Price】